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Seth Troxler Curating Show For New York Artist Scooter LaForge at Jealous Gallery In London

Seth takes on art.
Scooter LaForge & Seth Troxler

Scooter LaForge & Seth Troxler

Seth Troxler is curating an art show of works by New York artist Scooter LaForge at the Jealous Gallery in Shoreditch, London. LaForge, who is making his London debut, will call the show The Odyssey and display paintings, wall murals and prints.

There will be a big emphasis on Green mythology, notably a painterly adaptation of Homer’s epic Odyssey. There is also a bit of the queer scene from New York in the 1980s in the gallery. "Sexy boys and subversive fairies masquerading and transforming into cyclopes, nymphs, magical creatures, angels, and monsters,” explains LaForge.

Troxler first became a fan of LaForge’s work back in 2013 while shopping in New York.

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"My obsession with my favourite living artist had begun, with both his clothing and paintings. For me, his work embodies surprise, intrigue, desire, and confusion,” Troxler explains. “It was everything to me. It was the visual embodiment of what I wanted to express as a DJ, presenter of ideas, and musical artist. My art of being a DJ connects with his visual art because we both sample history—the beat of a cultural memory bank. By intuitively referencing, the outer limits of recognition combine into something that you own."

The gallery will open on March 22 at the Jealous Gallery in Shoreditch. 

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