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The Weiss DS1 compressor was released in the 1990s and has become a go-to compressor for high-end mastering studios and engineers around the world. Even with its high price tag of around $9,000, engineers have sworn by the DS1's unmatched sound quality. It can be heard on just about every album you've heard in the last 20 years. 

Now, Softube and Weiss have paired up to bring us the software version of this predominant compressor at a fraction of the cost: The DS1-Mk3.

"The DS1-Mk3 hardware is as transparent as anything I've ever used. It's refined, ergonomic, and flexible. It's not 'digital-sounding'... That's a very rare quality in a digital processor." -Bob Katz, legendary mastering engineer

The DS1-Mk3 comes with a handful of presets, including some from world-renowned mastering engineer Bob Katz. 

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The DS1-Mk3's software version has been compressed down to a $499 price tag, making it a fraction of what the hardware version is. While it's still expensive, it's a must-have if you want an unprecedented sound, texture, and clarity on your finished master. You can learn more about this plugin's features on Softube's website here

H/T: DJ Mag

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