One of the world's most legendary composers of the modern era, Hans Zimmer, has partnered with Spitfire Audio to announce the Hans Zimmer Strings sample library. Spitfire Audio stated that it's the biggest thing they've ever done. 

A gigantic orchestra of 344 players went into AIR Studios to record the samples for the library. This massive string library will be provided via a plugin, which was designed by user experience agency UsTwo, that has been built "by composers, for composers." 

The plugin and its controls will be extremely versatile and simple. The navigation of the library will also be easy to navigate. "Take the dynamic of your scores to levels you'd never imagined with our most ambitious library yet," states the product's page. 

The Hans Zimmer Strings library will come packed with a myriad of violins, violas, cellos, and basses. Each section will be played and articulated many different ways to provide you with the utmost flexibility.

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Hans Zimmer Strings will be available on March 28, 2018. It's currently available for pre-order for $599, but the price will rise to $799 when the library becomes available at the end of the month. You can pre-order the ground-breaking sample library here

H/T: MusicRadar

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