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Spotify Acknowledges Tagging, Metadata Problem, Wants Your Help

Help Spotify with tagging artists on the service.


Spotify has a metadata and tagging problem. Just this week I have had to tell two artist teams they have music on their profile that shouldn’t be there. This is just me in one week searching a very specific part of the service for my work. Imagine that for the entire catalogue. Now they are asking for help with Line-In, something that has been experimented with since the middle of last year.

Line-In will allow users to make suggests that include, explicitness, genre, aliases, languages, mood, tags, artist roles, and external URLs.

Nothing is final when a line-in is suggested. It is like Wikipedia, except each suggestion or change has to be approved. You can’t put Carl Cox as a folk artist or attribute Reel 2 Real away from Erick Morillo to Porter Robinson.

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“Spotify considers the source, and thoroughly reviews and checks the accuracy of this information, before the suggestions are folded into the data that powers our services,” a Spotify spokesperson said to Variety.

This could go one of two ways. It could help them correctly tag artists and provide more information on them with moods, genres and aliases. However it could overwhelm employees sifting through recommendations, notably those who just want to troll the service. They say it is a work in progress, but there are a few checks in place. They will test submitters' knowledge so they can either be prevented from making lots of changes to something they don’t know or allowed to do so. 

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