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Spotlight - Make Your Space Dope: 3 Tips for Renovating the Apartment You Rented

Make your new apartment the stylish pad it was meant to be.

Are you thinking about moving into a new apartment? Maybe you’re interested in leasing luxury apartments in Bellevue. Or you could potentially desire to move to the Westend in Denver which can be found here:

The only problem with renting is it’s nearly impossible to find an apartment that meets your expectations completely. More often than not, you’ll end up wishing you could renovate the place, but you’re worried about upsetting the landlord or breaking your lease.

Guess what? It’s definitely possible to renovate your apartment to a degree without getting your landlord mad at you. To help you discover ways to discreetly fix up your apartment without making structural changes, we’d like to share some of our favorite tips with you below.

So, whether you’re thinking about putting in new lighting from or making other changes, here are a few tips to help get you started.


Tip #1: Replacing the Light Switches

Are you unhappy with the way the light switches look in your new apartment or rented house? Do you feel like they hurt the overall look of the room? It’s really easy to replace light switches. It’s quick, cheap, and if you find attractive enough switches, you could really make a room look absolutely amazing.

This type of change is not only simple to make, but it’s also easy to do and it’s easy to switch them back at the appropriate time. If you make these replacements without the permission of your landlord, you’ll need to change them back when you move out.

So keep the old light switches handy and quickly pop them back on right before you move. This will prevent future problems with your landlord and you may want to keep your newer, more attractive light switches for yourself.

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Tip #2: Swapping out Light Fixtures

When you move into a rental apartment or house, the odds are that the light fixtures are going to be cheap, ugly, and veritably unattractive. Even if you aren’t handy, it is fairly easy to change light fixtures and put in newer, more attractive options without having to be a professional electrician or contractor.

Just like we mentioned with the light switches, you should hang onto the original light fixtures and put them back at the appropriate time when you plan to move out. Otherwise you could upset the landlord if he or she wants the original fixtures instead of the ones you’ve installed.

So take down your new light fixtures when you are about to move out and put the old ones back in their place. The best thing about changing the light fixtures is it’s going to be relatively inexpensive to do, and they even have some resale value once you don’t need them any longer. You can sell them for a couple of bucks and recoup part of your investment.


Tip #3: Adding More Countertop Space in the Kitchen

For some reason rentals often fail to have the appropriate amount of counter space for all of your appliances. Or even worse, the kitchen counters are so small that you barely have enough room to prepare meals.

If this is the case, you can go to a local hardware store and pick up a rolling kitchen island or butcher’s block. This will add additional countertop space to your kitchen without the need to install new counters that your landlord might frown upon.


As you can see, it’s definitely possible to renovate a rented apartment without making major structural changes. Use the tips we’ve shared today to fix up your rental unit and finally make it feel like home.

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