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David August Releases Blissful Ambient Album 'DCXXXIX A.C.'

Time to chillllllll
David August DCXXXIX A.C.

Something to cure those Monday blues from David August. The German producer has released an ambient album DCXXXIX A.C on his new label, 99CHANTS.

After a hiatus for nearly a year, August is back with hour-long ambient work that should be played heavily for comedowns this spring and summer, lazy Sundays or when you just need to chill after a long day.

"I go back in time," he says of the album, "finding myself surrounded by the nature and old spirits of an ancient commune, in the middle of the country."

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The album came from a period of exploration where he decided to work without beats or restrictions.

"A couple years ago, I found myself in jam sessions, naively messing around with sound; no rhythm, no structure. Not considering any borders, trying to “think” about music, as subconsciously as possible," he says. "It's been a vein in me ever since, which I developed and explored quietly in my personal space, slowly realizing that half of me somehow existed in this realm; so- called Ambient music."

The LP clocks in at 24 tracks with a continuous mix also included on the album so you can just let the whole thing ride as it was meant to be heard. It is out in all digital formats now and a limited vinyl will be made available on March 30.    

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