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Demo Taped is undeniably a name you need to know. A young Georgian with an old soul, his sounds pack in loads of emotionality while retaining air-tight R&B sensibilities. He produced his first EP in his high school library when he was only 17 and, even now, as a 20 year old, he takes a DIY approach to all of his music. His sophomore EP, Momentary, is a statement piece that perfectly packages up his psyche and gives us a front row view of his emotional inner dialogue. Its truly an honor and a joy to witness.   

How lucky we are, then, that he's making a trek down to Austin for a smattering of SXSW appearances. On top of playing an official showcase he's also playing a few unofficial events across town so badge or not you can catch him in person. Ahead of his long trip down we lobbed a couple of questions at him, getting his travel playlist in the process. Expect to see a full-length interview with him in the next few weeks!  

You can see Demo Taped at the below time slots/locations:

MAR 13, 2018 | 3:40PM - Pandora Party

MAR 16, 2018 | 1:00AM - 1:40AM - Majestic Casual Party @ The Bungalow

Magnetic Mag: Have you been to Austin before? If so, what excites you about coming back?

Demo Taped: I have! I played a show there while I was on tour with Wet! I'm excited about getting to experience more of the city. I only got a day last time. I just want to get more than just a taste of the local art scene.

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Magnetic Mag: Who are the artists that you're most excited to see?

Demo Taped: I definitely want to catch Gus Dapperton's set. Also have to see Khalid live for sure! Otherwise, I'm really trying to go into it open. I want to discover more artists through this experience.

Magnetic Magazine: Who will you be listening to on the trip over?

Demo Taped: Lot's of Passion Pit, Frank Ocean, J Dilla. Also Miles Davis' "Kind Of Blue" to calm my nerves.

Magnetic Magazine: Austin's food scene is quite auspicious. so, pick your side: bbq or tacos??

Demo Taped: Tacos pre-show, Bbq post-show.

Magnetic Magazine: What can audiences expect from your live set at SXSW?

Demo Taped: I just hope to show everyone a good time. I like getting everyone engaged. We're all going to be in Austin for the same reasons. We all believe in art and its many forms. If I can get one person in the crowd dancing, moving, or smiling, I've done my job

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