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SXSW Drops Deportation Clause From Contracts After 2017 Controversy

SXSW is trying to put last year's controversy behind them.

SXSW has dropped its “deportation clause” from its contracts this year after causing uproar and even some boycotts in 2017.

The original language was something that had been in the contracts for years and is something the festival said protected them in case an artist “did something really horrific, like disobey rules about pyrotechnics, starting a brawl, or if they killed somebody,” according to Spin.

It read as follows:

"If SXSW determines, in its sole discretion, that Artist or its representatives have acted in ways that adversely impacts the viability of Artist’s official SXSW showcase, the following actions are available to SXSW:

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2.1. Artist will be removed from their official SXSW showcase and, at SXSW’s sole discretion, replaced.
2.2. Any hotels booked via SXSW Housing will be canceled.
2.3. Artist’s credentials will be canceled.
2.4. SXSW will notify the appropriate U.S. immigration authorities of the above actions."

Now that last clause has been dropped and the wording changed a bit to something different, via Pitchfork.

“An Artist seeking to enter the United States to perform at SXSW is solely responsible for obtaining any applicable visa(s) and complying with all pertinent immigration rules. To secure Artist’s spot in SXSW Music, Artist agrees to notify SXSW about how Artist intends to enter the U.S. (what type of visa or if using the Visa Waiver Program) by February 5, 2018.”

The controversy came at time when immigration was hot in the news with President Trump’s travel ban being the number one story in the news. Artists like Anti-Flag, Girlpool, Downtown Boys, Sheer Mag, Screaming Females and Immortal Technique all spoke out against the clause.

In a statement last week, SXSW said it does not "‘collude with’ any immigration agencies including ICE, CBP or USCIS to deport anyone." 

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