What an unexpected surprise to open my feed this morning and find that Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, aka T-E-E-D, has emerged from hiding on his birthday, stepping out to bare his soul for us on his new track, "Leave a Light On."

This song is a journey. Musically, it is reminiscent of UNKLE's "Rabbit In Your Headlights," a real Thom Yorke atmosphere, but still uniquely T-E-E-D in every way possible. 

Orlando Higginbottom, the mastermind behind the project, seems to be having some difficulty with the creative process and is taking an opportunity to connect with his fans. 

"As a present to myself, I want to finally put out some music," Higginbottom says, "I owe it to myself to break out of this cycle of not releasing music. No sob story necessary, just trust making this album has been incredibly hard." 

No doubt. The song is an emotional wave that pulls at the heartstrings. Opening with his voice bare and exposed, backed only by a piano, he pleads with his lover to leave a light on for him. 

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We're then left with a moment of silence, so silent we can hear the beating of his heart. "It looks like you're going to leave me. Won't you... won't you be lonely? Don't you want to lay with me always? I know you do." 

The percussion is acoustic. The piano is emotional, with a haunted backing falsetto, echoing like a howl of pain, pleading, "leave a light on for me." 


Reality sets in, and we're hit with a wall of sound, disoriented, the twinkling of the synthesizer in our ears, circling our skull like stars around an animated victim of a head injury. 

This is one of those real, honest to goodness moments of aural is this really happening? The height, the weight, the size of it all is almost too much to bear, one of those monster moments in musical space. 

Space ahead of us is vast, its open. That light is there. Perhaps not from our lost lover, but from another. We're not dead, we've been given new life. Let's head there and make the most of it.

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