These Five Tips To Keep Your Phone Organized Will Change Your Life

Simple tricks to get your apps under control
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If you’re like us, there’s been at least one point in your life when your cell phone is a complete mess. Notifications galore and so many apps you couldn’t even tell us where Facebook is.

In fact, it could be like that permanently. There will be apps you’ve never used and logins you can never remember. But it really doesn’t have to be that way and you can straighten your cell out and make your life easier very quickly indeed.

Just follow these simple steps and stop the furious swiping and tapping forever…

Theme your folders

This sounds glaringly obvious but we have a habit of not organizing things. It’s unlikely your DVDs (people still have those right?) are in order of genre or actor, while your record collection my not even be in genre or artist order. Theming and creating new folders within your cell phone makes it easy to know exactly where everything is.

We don’t want to sound like your mom but it really works and we’ll happily say, “we told you so,” when we’re proved right. Dump all your social media apps in one folder, all your games in another, and all your music in one place.

Position them wisely

Your most important apps should be within a thumb tap on your phone. Whichever thumb you use most frequently to open apps, place your most used apps around this area.

For the most part, this will mean they are all towards the bottom of the screen, with the lesser used apps towards the top.

Additionally, it’s also a good idea to put all your most used on one page. The most used folders should be firmly at the bottom of the first page. Relegate all the boring apps like Voice Memos, TV and Home to the very last page.

Use a password manager

You’ll likely have apps on your phone that you don’t even remember the passwords for. They’ll have been used once, never to be used again. It might be because of that one time you bet on the Super Bowl or that night you rented a movie.

But what if you want to use those again, you are in a little bit of trouble. Unless you download a password manager. Today, we use more passwords than ever before and it’s almost impossible to remember them all.

Of course one way around that is by using the same password for everything, but if you don’t want to have every single account you own hacked then a password manager is the safest of options. It will remember all your passwords and keep all your sensitive data secure. There are dozens out there so check out a decent review site and make sure you find the best one for you.

Use a promotion system

As previously mentioned, placing your most important and used apps on the homescreen is a safe bet. However, keep a monitor on those apps and regularly relegate and promote apps across screens.

Naturally your newer downloads will found themselves away from the homescreen so keep it organized and if you’re finding your use one more than another, switch it up a bit. You’d prioritize your clothes drawer, you’d prioritize your shoe rack. Why not your cell phone apps?

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