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Make your next social gathering pop.

When you are no longer a kid, celebrating your birthday is not always the most fun or exciting of annual events. The chances are that you usually hit your regular bar with your friends for a few drinks. Even if your love birthdays or loathe them, you can still have a great time, without breaking the bank. You may not be able to stop the years, but you can sure enjoy yourself while you celebrate.

Planning a birthday party does not need to be overcomplicated, or too expensive either. Remember that while budget might not be an issue for you, for some of your other party guests and attendees they might not be able to afford your lavish tastes or ideas. First, set yourself a budget to cover drinks, food and the activity – if you are planning one. You may need to get your friends to contribute, so it is important that you can show them where their hard-earned cash is going before they start grumbling. Next, provide plenty of notice. The older that you get, kids and booking sitters can be hard to juggle alongside a busy work week and professional commitments. Provide plenty of warning so that all your guests can join you for this special occasion.

Test your brain, and your friends

If you are looking for a party idea that will test your brain, and possibly your relationship with your closest friends, then why not consider booking a trip to a panic room? You might not have heard of these experiences, in which you are locked in a room for a given period of time and have to solve a series of clues and puzzles to ensure that you are let out again. If this sounds like your idea of a unique and testing birthday activity, then check out Pittsburgh Escape Room. This activity is great if you are up for a challenge, and enjoy dressing up, as some experiences are even themed or given a historic theme. However, if you get claustrophobic in small spaces and are impatient by nature, then this will not make for a fun and memorable birthday party idea!

Road trip

Have you dreamed of hitting the road with the wind in your hair and your closest friends in the car? Then be sure to consider taking a road trip to celebrate your next birthday. You will need someone to help you with map reading, and you may want to consider choosing a driver for each stage of your trip, before hitting the road and discovering a host of cute towns and natural wonders along the way. If you are a creative bod and have friends that enjoy exploring nature and new sites on their travels, then this is the ideal birthday party idea. Remember, your road trip can be tailored depending on how much time you have free – from a long weekend to a week. This option is slightly more costly as you will need to budget for car hire, gas and food too.

Scavenger hunt

If you are a self-confessed big kid and used to love these as a child, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider a scavenger hunt for your next birthday – with more adult clues and prizes for the winners. Scavenger hunts are ideal if you and your friends love getting out and exploring, plus you may even have one friend who can help you to come up with the hunt and set out the clues around town. There are companies that can help you if not. A scavenger hunt will require you and your friends to split up into teams and follow clues in a race against the clock – as the team that reaches the finish will win the overall prize. So, if you are still in touch with your sense of adventure, then this is the ideal birthday party idea for you.

Themed party

If you love dressing up and think that a themed party is an ideal way to celebrate your big day, then this is one adult birthday party idea that remains a firm favorite with big and little kids alike. From pirates to hosting a glittery day rave, or even dressing up as your favorite childhood superhero, it is up to you to be as creative as you like when you plan and prepare your themed party. If you are on a serious budget, then consider hitting your local dollar store to stock up on accessories and cheap cuts of material to create your costume. This is a great adult birthday idea if your friends have small kids too, as they will enjoy dressing up and coming along to help you celebrate.

Take it outdoors

If you celebrate your birthday during the warmer summer months, then why not have a picnic or cookout this year? You could even ask your friends to bring a dish to help you lighten the load, and it means that you will have to spend less time in the kitchen too. Everyone loves a picnic, and this is ideal if you are asking older relatives and family members along also. So make sure that you look into new recipes and enjoy preparing some delicious treats.

If you are celebrating your birthday soon, then why not try a different and fun party idea this year? From booking a trip to an escape room or organizing a scavenger hunt, you can really find your inner child – while having fun with your friends. Consider a cookout or picnic if you love your food and celebrate your birthday in the warmer months. If your friends have little ones, or maybe you are a self-confessed big kid, then a themed party is the ideal way to enjoy yourself. Finally, more adventurous birthday boys and girls will love a road trip. With the right amount of planning and thought, whatever you have planned can be made possible, and can be pulled off with style. 

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