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Weedsday Playlist: Bong Appétit Host Ry Prichard Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play.
Bong Appétit Host Ry Prichard

Bong Appétit Host Ry Prichard 

You’ll recognize Ry Prichard from Viceland's Bong Appétit, the first cannabis cooking show to air on television alongside co-hosts Abdullah Saeed and Vanessa Lavorato where Ry’s known for his encyclopedic knowledge of cannabis and its various forms, sinking distillate and terps and other extractions into the show’s magical eats. A cannabis industry veteran, Prichard started his career as a photographer and writer for The Denver Post and has since expanded into business operations and consulting. A Colorado native, Ry recently relocated to Los Angeles to continue his quest to infuse food and drink with the divine flavors of cannabis.

Today, Prichard’s Instagram page is full of fun photos and videos of the most beautiful cannabis concentrates you’ve ever, live resin, budder...apparent mary jane makes a lust-worthy muse.

Fans of his, MAGNETIC asked the talented photographer and canna-gastronomy maestro to share his favorite tunes for seshin’ out to for this week’s Weedsday. They’re excellent selections...with some dope insights, too!!

In the Bong Appetit kitchen

In the Bong Appetit kitchen 

"Doomsday" by MF DOOM

The first song on my favorite hip hop album, which basically changed my life. Until I heard this album, after ordering it randomly based on an online forum recommendation, I had never dug into lyrics so deeply. I spent the next couple of weeks digging around on the internet, usually while high, just trying to just understand the 15 levels of references he manages to stack into practically every verse. The smooth beat with the Sade vocal sample is hauntingly beautiful and DOOM just relentlessly rips it, barely taking a pause the whole time while dropping gems like "doo-doo-doo-doo-doo that's an audio Daily Double, rappers need to fall off just to save me the trouble". I mean, come on... I really can't believe this album is almost 20 years old and I still figure out new lines to this day.

"Goodbye Sober Day" by Mr. Bungle

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This is an atypical pick because it's not chill like most smoke session music. It's an absolutely insane song featuring, in my opinion, the best singer in the world, Mike Patton, at his unleashed best. Listening to this is like an aural Sativa weed panic attack. The number of twists and turns this takes warrants a listen on headphones... get ULTRA high and pay attention to the 1,000 overdubbed Mike Pattons on practically every second of this track. And the name of the song... c'mon, it's like a challenge. The whole album is, um, special when under the influence of just about anything, but this is a fitting end track to one of the avant garde rock masterpieces of the 90s.

"Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake AM" by Fela Kuti

Likely the baddest man to ever exist on planet Earth, Fela's usual frenetic multi-instrumentalism and pulsing drums takes a backseat here to gorgeous layered horns, subdued, softly melancholy vocals, and a flowing vibe that courses throughout the 12-plus minute run time. I don't mess with jam bands unless they are 50 members deep and carry the souls of a nation on their backs. Sorry, Phish...

"The Oblivion" by DeVotchKa

Gotta represent Colorado here at least once... this is one of my absolute favorite bands and they have been ever since I ran the PA for them a couple times working at a coffee shop in my tiny hometown of Idaho Springs, Colorado back in the early 2000s. They had just recently re-formed with new members and put on the most incredible show that absolutely melted my little 16 year-old band nerd mind. They finished the show with a sneak-out followed by an unexpected encore, reappearing while marching down the streets at 11 PM... of course the coffee shop summarily received a noise violation -- WORTH IT! That night was one of my favorite musical memories, and this song is a beautiful example of Nick Urata's unique wail and the way they layer their sound into a tapestry of multi-instrumental beauty... I especially love the sousaphone and pizzicato violin bit starting at 1:50.

"LifeDeath" by Prefuse 73 feat. Mikah 9

If you want your brain to get all twisted up listening to someone rap, listen to this. Mikah 9 is one of the most slept-on rappers around and has been creating crazily unique songs for well over 20 years. This was one of those formative songs that I would listen to over and over again in college while smoking joints sitting in a parked car, just trying to decipher the lyrics and unsuccessfully trying to mimic the underwater robot-style rapid fire flow.

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