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Weedsday Playlist: MagicalButter’s Digital Marketing Manager Iram Cesani Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play.
MagicalButter’s Digital Marketing Manager Iram Cesani

MagicalButter’s Digital Marketing Manager Iram Cesani

Transitioning from Corporate America to start-up culture, Iram Cesani joined the MagicalButter team last year and hasn’t looked back. As MagicalButter remains a leader in the cannabis industry with their innovative MB2e machine and TeamMB paving the way, Cesani continues to pioneer the digital frontier in curating the company’s next wave of culture, education, and consumerism. Balancing a new generation of acceptance and bridging the gap between art and science, Cesani is wild about engaging audiences for growth at MagicalButter.

MAGNETIC heard Cesani has great taste in music, so we asked him to program this week’s Weedsday Playlist for your listening pleasure. In return, he wowed us with a selection of excellent house and electronic. “It’s not your average playlist, but inspiration is derived from many areas of my daily routine— commuting to work, the shower, the gym, joyous moments,” say Cesani. “I thought it would be fun to pair songs with routines we all partake in.”

Get ready to sesh!

“The Gift (Mark Knight Remix)” by Mike Mago

Armed with a musical library that knows no boundaries, a consistent run of hits and chart-topping ventures alike, the success of Knight’s recording career is matched only by the credibility and integrity maintained throughout his discography to date. Mark Knight, single-handedly, is one of the most influential artists on myself and in the tech-house world. Headlining every major music festival in the world, Knight has always put me in my best mood encouraging me to live my best life. I have traveled every year for the last eight years to Miami Music Week to thrive in his presence when I do. Can’t wait for next March to head back to the 305!

“Ibiza 77 (Can You Feel It) Remix” by Oliver Heldens

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This is one of the few podcasts I look forward to every week...and one of the few songs I can have on repeat for hours on end. Oliver Heldens, more known for his remixes on my end, has always been top rhythm with back-to-back hits! Inspired from my favorite city in the world, Ibiza and the song title “Can you Feel It” – goes hand in hand like two peas in a pod. And with the right amount of bass pounding, I can literally feel my arm hair rise and coat my entire body like the soothing mist suspended in the atmosphere at dawn and dusk.

“Close To You (Icarus Edit)” by Arle

Please click the ‘play’ button and listen to this track so you can understand my reasoning. Sometimes, I smoke before I go on a run, which I do everyday. This song is always the one to kick start my journey on the concrete or treadmill. The beat becomes synced with my footwork and another favorite to listen to on repeat. Everyone has that gym playlist and this one tops it! Transcending time and space, I can easily run a few miles on repeat with Arle.

“Midnight City” by M83

“Midnight City” is pure bliss. This song holds a different nature than the rest. Sounds mixed with vocals and electronic tunes, it was the first song I searched for on my college graduation day in 2015. No particular reason, but I felt this song describes one of the best moments in my eyes and my mom’s (she put me through school). Of course, we were both in tears that day, but a joyous moment for us both. And since then, I play this every now and then to relieve, rejoice, and reminisce the good times of the past, now, and what’s to come.

“Wanna” by Catchment

Believe it or not, another activity I partake in during a great basked session, is reading. And I’m talking about reading for two plus hours. And not in books, but more news related to my field. I’m obsessed with mar-tech, new-tech, ad-tech, and the only way I focus, is with this song. Sets the tone before I dig the world wide web. 

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