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Winter Music Conference Is Indeed Happening, But It's Health Is In Question

It is too late for WMC?
Winter Music Conference 2018

Despite all the rumors and prognostication saying that Winter Music Conference was canceled, WMC announced yesterday the dates for its program and opened voting for the International Dance Music Awards (IDMAs).

The lights seemed to be out at WMC, but they are flickering to life with the announcement that the 33rd edition will take place March 20-22 at the Feana Forum on Miami Beach.

“We’re thrilled to have the breathtaking Faena Forum as the backdrop for this year’s Winter Music Conference,” explains Bill Kelly, WMC Co-Founder on Facebook.

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On their website, they have revealed panels and seminars for some pretty broad topics in the industry like publicity, A&R and radio and streaming. However speakers or a schedule have not been unveiled, which puts WMC into doubt with only 11 days until the event.

Rumors started to swirl earlier this month that WMC wasn’t happening when people started to realize that the conference hadn’t announced anything for this year. They had only posted one thing on their socials since last August. It seemed like the conference was shutting down quietly.

However, they are attempting a late launch in 2018 and say they have even more exciting news for the future. With such a late kickoff, we will see if they can get a crowd and sell enough badges to fill up panels and keep it going into year 34. 

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