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Collaborating with musicians is an exciting venture. Musicians come from all parts of the world, so being in the studio at the same time isn't always feasible. So, world-renowned musical instrument company Yamaha and Allihoopa have come together to make producing and collaborating on a mobile device more intuitive. 

Allihoopa's social network will allow Yamaha TNR users to share their work online as well as collaborate. They're applications combined make the Yamaha TENORI-ON, an unprecedented electronic musical instrument. Both applications allow for intuitive music creation through a simple, user-friendly interface minus the necessities of specialized training. 

Creatives on Allihoopa's service can drop the track into the platform when they've finished the track. The track will then be put into Allihoopa's ecosystem where users can "Pick Up" the track, add elements to it, and then "Drop" it back into Allihoopa for more collaboration.

"TNR-i and TNR-e users now have a new way to share and collaborate with others. Yamaha and Allihoopa encourage creativity by helping music-makers around the world share ideas and inspire each other." -Nate Tschetter, marketing manager, music production, Yamaha Corporation of America. 

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You can learn more about this new and exciting application here, as well as learn about Allihoopa via their website here

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