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Yes, I know, it's already April, but there was so much good synth to be had in March, Indie Discotheque simply cannot let these tracks slide by the wayside and go unnoticed.

The CHVRCHES you should know. Also, Poppy, does everyone know Poppy? She's Poppy! I'm going to confess to you right now, I had no idea who Poppy was until after I had this list curated. I know, right? What rock have I been under? I picked the song for Mitch Murder, and he made me a Poppy fan.

I like to keep it short and sweet for the synth lists, so let's get into the music, where it really matters. Thanks for listening and enjoy the best synth from March.

We have a Spotify playlist, and you can also check out the rest of the synth charts here.

1. CHVRCHES - My Enemy feat. Matt Berninger

I am not always a slow jam promoter, but when I find one, oh boy, it's a good one. We all know CHVRCHES by now, and their new album is teasing up to be one of the greatest of 2018. Every song on this album is amazing. 'My Enemy' is no exception.

2. Wolfram - Automatic Dub

Thick, juicy synth. That's what's going on here. You're mesmerized by the instrumental for four minutes before the vocal kicks in, and the effect is so perfect when it does. Wolfram brings the heat on this one, influenced by Italo greats like Mr. Flagio.

3. Poppy - Moshi Moshi (Mitch Murder Remix)

Everything Mitch Murder touches is instantly amazing as if Mitch Murder can do no wrong. In this situation, I believe Poppy's handlers may have converted him, he is now her very best friend, he has drunk the tea and earned membership in her evil cult.

4. Olivver the Kid - HiLo feat. Armors

It's been three and a half years since Olivver the Kid released the Freak EP, and this time around introduces a level of synth that marks a grand departure stylistically. I'm not complaining at all. "HiLo" brings a satisfying drama missing from previous work.

5. Frankfurt Express - 1963

Frankfurt Express has been quiet for five years, explaining the surprise I had when Lifelike posted this New Order cover done by the band earlier in the month. This is some very fine production, with wonderful vocal mixing over a crisp synth backdrop.

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6. Blvk Jvck - Mine Luv (Go Go Bizkitt! Remix)

Go Go Bizkitt is my dealer this month, hooking me up with the thick, juicy arpeggiation I constantly crave. This track is here solely for my love of all that is Bizkitt, I know nothing about Blvk Jvck or why this song exists in the first place. I'm happy for this remix.

7. Mecha Maiko - Electric Heat

I'm feeling the heat. A subtle arpeggiation that floats in the background, recorder flute, wood block, ethereal vocals, laser stabs, in a foggy atmosphere. This is the standout track on Mad But Soft, with an anticipated Mad Soft Butt remix album forthcoming.

8. The New Division - One Night In Tokyo

At this point, I feel like The New Division can do no wrong. Years ago, the first time I heard this project from John Glenn Kunkel, I poked fun at the band name. How dare a band name implies such high standard? Yes, this project deserves this name. 

9. Jordan F - The Portal

I really like Jordan F's music, but the songs would benefit greatly if he found an array of vocalists to feature on his latest works. 'The Portal' is a standout on his new album, Oblivion, which starts slow but features amazing key work and pitch bending.

10. Ostberg - Nebula

Ostberg's latest track, 'Nebula,' features a bouncy synth that reminds me in some ways of the tracks produced by Plastic Plates years ago. The atmosphere he creates with the dispersed flute really adds to the song, but I'd like added guitar to round it out.

11. Miranda - Glow

Miranda brings us a modern sound on 'Glow,' giving us a deep, well-rounded synth to contrast her full range vocal. The staccato added above the arpeggiation is a really nice effect. The "hey" samples throughout the song give flashbacks of The Ting Tings.

12. Ladytron - The Animals

Ladytron is back, and the band stays true to form on this teaser track titled 'The Animals.' For as long as the band has been away, I was hoping the envelope would have been pushed a bit further. Perhaps they're easing us into what's to come.

13. Annalia - Dust

Beautifully 80s tinged pop, the song pulls the best elements of what is influencing the scene and pairs well with Annalia's vocal. The lyrics are shallow and don't mean much, but the keywords present themselves much like hashtags in a well-crafted tweet.

14. Leitvox - Black Feather feat. Emma Fox

I love how stripped down the introduction of this song is. It's simple, it's moody, it reminds me of mid-90s gothic industrial, completely modernized and much more vulnerable. The strings are gorgeous, the fluttering synth is a welcoming texture. 

15. Ursula 1000 - Chess King

Ursula 1000 has been creating unique electronica soundtracks for 20 years and the depth and wisdom in Chess King are so apparent. Channeling the mood and joy found in the music of Art of Noise, Kraftwerk, perhaps even a bit of Delerium and Noise Unit.

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