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Spring is here and it is time to start building up your library for the upcoming warm season in the Northern Hemisphere. In this month's edition, the chart is teeming with outstanding fresh releases and remixes that will light any dancefloor on fire. Relief Records tops the list with two marvelous tracks by Green Velvet with Mihalis Safras and Detlef. Other prestigious labels such as Great Stuff Recordings and Glasgow Underground are featured amongst other notable greats. Buckle up and listen to all these great fresh cuts from March 2018.

1. 'Shmash' – Green Velvet, Mihalis Safras [Relief]

Relief’s owner, Green Velvet collaborates with, Mihalis Safras to release another astonishing hit to smash every dancefloor. Get dazzled with the steely beats and hip-hop influenced vocals of this ‘smashing’ track.

2. ‘The Better Way’ – Sante Sansone [Great Stuff Recordings]

Italy’s Sante Sansone drops the latest tech-house EP on Great Stuff Recordings with "Keep Movin" & "The Better Way." The latter track features clean pattern drums, spooky effects and dark vocal samples, making there be no better way to shake the dancefloor. 

3. 'Keep On Dancing' – Rhoowax, Iglesias [No Excuse Records]

This solid track has all the attributes to be the single of the summer so far. "Keep On Dancing" has great references to disco and funk sounds while the syncopated drums and groovy bassline set the tone to a tech-house tune. Expect this one to be a hit throughout the year. 

4. 'Stick It In' - Rene Amesz [Armada Subjekt]

Rene Amesz is back on Armada Subjekt with another "filthy" input. Layered with shuffling high-hat loops, provocative vocal lines, and terrific percussion arrangement, "Stick It In" will give you a little blush on the dancefloor. 

5. ‘The Good Life’ - Kevin McKay [Glasglow Underground]

Glasglow Underground’s CEO, Kevin Mckay steams things up with his latest single "The Good Life." This peak time tech-edge tune has a driving groove and dope synth riffs touched with an amorous male vocal refrain.

6. 'Goldenboy' – Mathias Alvarez [Klein Recordings]

A rising star amongst the new array of Spanish producers, Mathias Alvarez starts the year with this crazy underground track released on Klein Recordings. A potent bass driven track with eminent synths, perfectly attuned to a club experience. 

7. ‘Ladyboys’ - Mason Maynard [SOLA]

Emerging from the Manchester, UK scene, Mason Maynard, who is only 21 years old, has the background already to put out singles like this one. "Ladyboy" was released on Solardo’s Label, SOLA via their Sola Miami 2018 Compilation. Definitely a track that will keep the party going on and on.

8. 'Deya (Apollo 84 Remix)' – George Privatti, Joe Red [La Pera Records]

Barcelona based DJ and Producer, George Privatti releases another killer EP under his label, La Pera Records. The three track EP; with collaboration from Joe Red, has greats beats and cool vocals. Highlighted here, the Apollo 84 Remix has a bouncy, groovy beat lead by the cool sample "Dirty Disco Bitch."

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9. 'Train' – Francesco Dinoia [Great Stuff Recordings]

The Italian producer is back with a punchy EP on Great Stuff Recordings. "Train" is the leading track composed of straight up grooves, funk-filled drums and driving vocal chunks.

10. 'Deep Dip' – Dajae, Detlef [Relief]

The timeless classic club anthem, "Fired Up," from Funky Green Dogs gets a stunning new makeover from tech-house master, Detlef, featuring the beautiful voice of Dajae. This new track has a beautiful drop that gets deep in your soul, bringing it to a splendid momentum that lets you lose yourself and sing along with the unforgettable lyrics.

11. 'Seventeen' – Mike Book [Bar 25 music]

Music is the art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions. That is what Mike Book does amazingly on his track. "Seventeen" has a strong message, blended with deep and powerful bass frequencies. This track is part of the Bordel Del Arts Vol. 2 Compilation.

12. Oza – Steve Kennedy [Inhouse]

This nifty and hot track from Amsterdam's young producer is part of the Todd Terry - Inhouse Records Miami 2018 Afterparty Compilation. It is an EP filled of fresh cuts and cutting-edge producers.

13. 'Black Coffee' – Gorge, Markus Homm [8bit]

Enjoy this fantastic collaboration release from 8bit label owner, Gorge and his Romanian mate, Markus Homm. This serious track rolls with abrasive hats and deep bassline bringing it into a tense and hypnotic climax.

14. 'Sensations' – Uriah Persie [Nopreset Records]

Another old classic tune is featured in this chart, Love Sensation by Loleatta Holloway gets freshened up by Uriah Persie, using the original vocals added to groovy deep style drums. Dance to the funky bassline and sing along with the “Love sensation!”

15. 'Legendary War' (Brando Caballero Remix) – Juan M [Snuff]

This remix by Mexican based DJ and producer, Brandon Caballero, is an uplifting, energizing track rolled with hypnotic snippet samples and a groovy bassline that will drive you to a restless journey on the dancefloor. 


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