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Featuring an eclectic lineup breaching many different musical genres including classic hip-hop, funk, folk, blues, indie rock, psychedelia and more, here are just a few of the artists performing at Fortress Festival in Fort Worth-Dallas later on this weekend.


If you’re looking to have your eyeballs rattled with a little bass while you’re at Fortress Fest, check out this experimental hip-hop duo from Seattle. Influenced by African percussion (especially given that one of the members is the son of a distinguished African musician famously known worldwide for his mastery of the mbira) and the classical hip-hop undertones of the other member’s previous act, Digable Planets, Shabazz Palaces pays homage to the Fortress Fest’s diverse lineup with their own abstract confluence of dark, heavy and hypnotizing psychedelic hip-hop.



Yearning for more old-school hip hop? Don’t miss the de facto leader of the Wu-Tang Clan, RZA, in his new side-project featuring Stone Mecca, a nine-piece backing band paying homage to Motown, funk and soul. It is an act promising a dazzling instrumental showcase led by the voice of one of the most influential pioneers of rap today. RZA continues to resurrect himself with pleasant new surprises at every corner; make sure to catch this glamorous performance before the hip-hop virtuoso moves on to his next groundbreaking project.

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“Little JB” (Fields’ affectionate nickname given to him in the 60’s for his stylistic resemblance to the legendary James Brown) leads the 21 century funk and soul resurgence at Fortress Festival, backed by Truth & Soul Records’ swanky house backing band, The Expressions. Again we are given the opportunity at this up-and-coming grassroots indie festival to witness a distinguished pioneer of music serenade us with the warm, velvety tones of yesterday, resonating an old, smoky energy that promises the grandstand return of good ol’ funk n’ soul. Do your momma and your poppa a favor and groove out to Lee Fields & The Expressions at Fortress Fest like it’s the glamorous, glitter-coated seventies all over again.

Father John Misty

One of the two headliners of Fortress Festival, American indie rock singer-songwriter Father John Misty will certainly deliver a strong message (if not multiple) on stage, as is his usual practice, with his third new album out of 2017 behind his back, Pure Comedy. And this time, FJM’s fiery messages finally have the headlining limelight he needs to reach out to his audience whom he so humorously paints with all the common vices of modern society in his deep, provocative lyrics that are sure to wake you to the comical indecencies of today (or more specifically, LA). 

Full line-up below!

Fortress SET TIMES

Fortress Festival utilizes its ongoing partnership with the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth to provide festival attendees the unique experience of being able visit the museum with their festival pass and take in incredible works of visual art, including original works created by Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock. It is situated directly across the street from the Will Rogers Memorial grounds, on which the music performance portion of the festival takes place. Fortress Festival looks to again provide North Texas and DFW with a festival comparable to any other major metropolitan area while pushing the festival experience into new frontiers.
Written by the Wizard Julian Shoben   

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