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A Douchebag You Actually Want To Travel With?

The Douchebag luggage company is real, and they make dope bags for stylish travelers
The Douchebag on the road to Medellin and Panama City

The Douchebag on the road to Medellin and Panama City

Yes, you are reading this correctly. The name of this luggage company is Douchebags, and yes, they make some kick-ass travel gear. 

When I first read the email, I thought someone was messing with me, and not in a nice way. Then after a little more digging and clicking through to the website, there it was, a real company that actually looked dope, not douchey. So realizing this was not an elaborate joke I engaged and later received two bags to test drive on a recent trip to Medellin for the SIMS conference. 

The Db luggage company was formed in 2012 by a Swedish freeskier (Jon Olsson) and a Norwegian product designer (Truls Brataas) for active travelers with a sense of adventure and humor. 

The bags are stylish, rugged, and made for epic adventures or short weekenders; they have gear for every situation. I received an international carry on called The Aviator 40L and a full-size bag, The Big Bastard 90L (yeah, even their luggage names are cheeky). 

The Aviator 40L is now one of my go-to carryons; it is certified for international travel, and if you are traveling light (merino wool shirts, etc.) you can easily fit 7+ days of stuff in here + your laptop, etc. 

On my recent trip to Medellin, I was able to get in 5 days of clothing, a 15" computer, Mavic Air Drone, headphones and an iPad. I'm not a big fan of checking luggage when traveling internationally, so the Aviator 40L is a perfect solution for shorter trips. The bag also features a hardish top side to protect your belongings from actual douchebags. 

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I.e., if some Russian tourist decides to cram their duffle bag on top of your luggage in an angry rage because there is no more bin space left. Yeah, that actually happened. 

The Big Bastard deserves a big photo

The Big Bastard deserves a big photo

The Big Bastard is an entirely different scenario; this is a bag for the long haul adventure, and it will keep you going for weeks if you pack right. I used it on a recent snowboard trip to Copper Mountain and got a weeks worth of gear in there with ease and plenty of more room for more clothing, equipment, even a smallish friend... 

The Big Bastard also has a hook system that allows you to connect your smaller bags so you can roll through airports with ease.

Piggy back 'em with the hook system

Piggy back 'em with the hook system

The verdict? These are great bags across the board; they are built tough, have some intelligent features, handy compartments and look stylish as well. No, they don't say Douchebag in huge letters on the bag, it's just a subtle Db logo, so don't worry about being branded a douche as you roll through LAX. 

More info here at the Douchebag website

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