Amazon Music Doubled Subscription Numbers In Past Six Months

Amazon shows some impressive growth on the back of prime and Echo.
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Amazon Music

Amazon Music says it has doubled its subscription numbers in the past six months.

According to Amazon Music, via Billboard, the company has doubled its number of Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers in the past six months, though the actual numbers are unknown.

In an interview with Billboard, Amazon Music vp Steve Boom says that the rise in customers comes down to people from Amazon Prime upgrading their music service on Amazon and then the growth of Amazon Echo. If you have used their devices, it automatically defaults to searching for music on Amazon, which likely locks in some users to Amazon Music Unlimited.

Since we don’t know how many subscribers the company has, it is hard to tell whether or not the growth is that impressive. However, it remains in third place behind Spotify and Apple Music in terms of subscriber numbers, so this can't be insignificant. The big are getting bigger. 

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