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Everybody's eagerly awaiting for summer to come 'round. Festival season is also here, and we're ready to see what each one brings. Thankfully, the incredibly talented Arman Cekin and Rmarni have released "Money" on Trap City just in time for both the summer and festival season. 

Netherland-based Arman Cekin's heavily melodic production talents interweave flawlessly with Rmarni's luscious vocals. The atmospheric synths and sonically pleasing vocal chops certainly make this a festival-ready piece. Cekin's previous originals, like "California Dreamin'" with Paul Rey and Snoop Dog, and bootleg remixes swiftly propelled him into the spotlight in late 2014. His talents will continue to put him directly into the spotlight by producing music that speaks to the heart.

"For ['Money'], I wrote the piano part while improvising," says Cekin. "Then I chose to transition that into something more rhythmic, so I used organic pluck sounds combined with 808s and vocal chops to get a rhythmical and melodic drop. It worked perfectly in this track, especially with the vocals of Rmarni."

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