Berlin’s Tegel Airport Could Become A Club Or Small Festival Space

Berlin taking clubbing to another level.
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Berlin doesn’t mess around when it comes to its clubbing. There are now people considering turning the current Tegel Airport, which would ostensibly be decommissioned whenever the oft-delayed Brandenburg Airport opens, into a club, arts or small festival space.

According to Der Tagesspiegel, Senate representatives, members of Berlin’s club commission and Tegel Projekt GmbH will look into the site at the end of May. The visit comes partially in response to a request from leftist politician Katalin Gennburg, which led to a a report from the economic administration according to the Berliner Morgan Post.

Some of the more interesting options could be a smaller open-air festival according to Lutz Leichsenring of the Club Commission. The hangar being used for clubbing and artist studios being built in old factory buildings or engine halls are just a few of the ideas being floated at the moment.

This is all contingent on the airport being closed once the new Brandenburg Airport being opened, which has been fraught with delays and is “scheduled” to be opened in 2020, though with this endless saga, it is unclear if anybody actually believes that number. The operator requested an additional €770 million according to Airline Geeks to finish the airport’s construction by 2020 earlier this year and will cost nearly €7.3 billion if it opens in 2020.

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