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Billy Kenny US Visa Revoked, Deported After Caught Flying With Marijuana In Bag

He was caught at LAX and has had to cancel shows as a result.
Billy Kenny

Billy Kenny

Billy Kenny has gotten himself in quite a pickle. In a lengthy Facebook post this week, the UK producer explained what has been going on with him over the past month and why he had to cancel his shows in the United States. He had his visa revoked and was deported because he was caught flying with a pax pen and a small amount of marijuana. He has a medical card in California, but on the national level, when flying things are different.

"From the evening of March 30th - April 2nd, I carelessly left a small PAX pen containing under 100mg of marijuana in a pair of sweatpants, which were in my bag. I flew with it from LA to my shows in Europe and back on 6 flights without even knowing it was there,” he writes. “It was discovered in a search at LAX, resulting in my immediate deportation and revoked visa. Although I bought the vape and it’s contents in my newly adopted hometown of Los Angeles in California where it’s legal for recreational use (and I have a medicinal card), it is strictly illegal on a federal level. Regretfully I am having to cancel some upcoming shows in the U.S.”

There are a few inconsistencies like the date (March 30 – April 2) was a weekend, not a night and we have reached out to his team multiple times for clarification, but have not heard back.

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When he will have this straightened out is still unclear. His gigs are canceled until mid-May when according to his Facebook page he is scheduled to perform at Shaky Beats Festival in Atlanta. “I cannot say when I’ll be able to return, but know that my team and i are doing everything possible to get me back as soon as possible,” he writes.

We have asked his management and publicist for more details, but they have not provided them.

He says he will continue to write more music in the meantime and hopes to share it with his fans soon.

We will see when he is able to return and how this is sorted out hopefully soon. 

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