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Blue's Compass Boom Microphone Stand - The Perfect Solution For Your Messy Desk

If you are a podcaster, vlogger, or home studio musician, the Compass Mic Stand is worth a look
Swivel in, swivel out. The Blue Compass Mic Stand is definitely sexier than my desk. 

Swivel in, swivel out. The Blue Compass Mic Stand is definitely sexier than my desk. 

One of the big problems for podcasters, bloggers, and amateur musicians with a home studio is the lack of space. Most set-ups are usually in a second bedroom, small home office or in the corner of a basement where you won't bother anyone.

The luxury of a sound booth is a distant reality, so the mic almost always ends up on a mic stand next to your desk or just sits on top of it. 

To solve this problem, many space-saving enthusiasts end up trying a desk mountable microphone stand. This solution is great, but many of the mic stands options are just kind of meh, until now.

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Blue has come out with a microphone stand that raises the bar in this category in a big way, it's sturdy, well designed and looks slick to top it off. Unlike your desk.

The Compass Boom mic stand comes in at about $99 which might be high for some podcast basement jocks, but if you are at all serious about your set-up, this stand is a must. I made the mistake of getting one of those $19.99 specials off of Amazon, let's just say we broke up pretty quickly because it was definitely not working out. 

The Compass sets up easily, gets your mic off the desk for better sound and swivels like a dream. No ugly jenky springs here kids, this is a slick tubular design with a smooth turn-key tightening system at three separate points (base, mid, top) for perfect positioning.

So if you are looking for a sturdy stand that's incredibly quiet, looks slick and is easy to mount on just about any desk, I would just pull out your credit card now. 

Big props to Blue on this one.

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