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Brian Eno's Music For Airports Being Played On Repeat At London City Airport

Relaxation before the hell of actually flying.
Brian Eno

If you are flying out of or into London City Airport today, a beautiful soundtrack will greet you for your voyage. The airport is playing Brian Eno’s Music For Airports album on repeat all day.

The decision comes on the 40th anniversary of Music For Airports’ release back in 1978. Eno made the project in response to the terrible music he heard at airports, notable on in Cologne while waiting for a flight. The music should match the beauty of the building, so he did just that.

Melanie Burnley, London City Airport's customer experience director explains why this album is perfect for their airport via Airport World. “The anniversary of Brian Eno’s famous work is an apt occasion to play the full album in its intended environment – an airport.

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“It is a subtle album which creates a calm and pleasant ambiance as passengers make their way through to Departures.”

There were a lot of people pushing for this to happen and they are happy Eno is on the soundtrack.

Anne-Marie Mcgregor, head of music for C-Burn, the airport’s music consultancy, notes: “Eno is a hero amongst our team of music consultants for his belief that music needs to be considered in public spaces and not left to personal tastes or what an algorithm decides.”

So as you have to go through security, board a plane potentially with a screaming baby and gear up for the run to your budget airline (why?), at least Eno will give you some calm before the on-flight storm. 

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