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Cannabis Industry Experts & Influencers Share Thoughts on 420

Activism, education, celebration, normalization, advocacy, policy and tradition!
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420 means a lot of things to a lot of people in the cannabis community— activism, education, celebration, normalization, advocacy, policy and tradition. This Friday, while you’re out there blazing for all those reasons and more, take a moment to reflect on all the hard work and sacrifice that’s gone into the movement.

MAGNETIC asked twelve industry experts and influencers to share their thoughts on the high holiday. Check out what they have to say! 


"We have the opportunity to not only be pioneers in the cannabis industry, but to pioneer the equality movement by working to balance out the injustice the world is feeling so heavily, especially right now. We can all do that by actively participating in removing barriers for women and minorities in the cannabis industry and beyond and make sure those voices have a seat at the table. Take a look next time you are in a room of leaders, notice who's missing, and go out and find them. 

Include women and minorities in your hiring process, in conversations, planning and agenda creation, help to get them access to education and provide opportunities for leadership positions. You will actively feel the imbalance begin to subside, your business will grow exponentially and you will witness a community form around you as they watch you participate in the equality movement and raise their hands to support it."— Lisa Snyder, Founder & Co-Creator of Tokeativity

“This year’s 420 is extra iconic because we can finally celebrate adult use here in California. It's one small hit for man and one giant toke for mankind.” — Rachel Wolfson, Co-host at The Budd & Comedian

"420 is celebrated by many, in lots of ways. To me, it's always a day where I hit pause on my frustrations, reconnect with nature, reset my soul and try and remember why I'm here." — Charles McElroy, Founder of Goldleaf

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“The 4/20 holiday is a cause for celebration for the cannabis plant, as well as a moment to pause and think about all the work that has been done to legalize cannabis in various areas of the U.S. It is also a moment to think about the amount of work we still need to do to lift the stigma that still surrounds the cannabis plant due to decades of conjecture and propaganda from our federal government. Additionally, as we pause to celebrate and reflect, cannabis industry professionals must consider topics such as gender parity, environmental sustainability, and social justice as this industry continues to emerge and grow. You can learn about all of these and so much more in Mary Jane's: The Women Of Weed, which premieres in Portland, Oregon on 4/18, just in time to kick off your 4/20 weekend! — Leah Maurer, Co-owner of The Weed Blog

“It’s the day that we test all known remedies for too much weed.” —Warren Bobrow, Author of Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails and Tonics

“There's an old saying— 'As California goes, so goes the nation.' So here weed go. Let's show 'em how to do it right! The legalization movement began here with the hippies and counterculture revolution in the 60s. 420 was literally invented here in Marin County, California. It was the first state to pass medical marijuana in 1996, and everyone knows the best weed in the world grows in NorCal. This has been a long time coming! But, our work is just beginning. The fight is not over...there are counties with bans, families losing farms and operators out of business while big money rolls in to dictate choices made for those who don't have a voice. Activism matters now more than ever, so we can build an industry that offers equal opportunity to all humans, so we can protect small farmers and cottage producers, so we can keep growing our own organic cannabis in the sun, and most of all so we can maintain and protect the fact that even though it is now legal for social use, CANNABIS is still, first and foremost, A MEDICINAL PLANT." — Elise McRoberts, Cannabis Activist & Entrepreneur + CMO & Curator at California Wellness

“As the original media brand in cannabis, we are always interested in origin stories and reflecting on our history so that we can garner wisdom from it. The 420 holiday is a perfect opportunity to do this. For example, millions of people celebrate 420, but don't realize that a group of five teenagers now dubbed the “Waldos” originated the term 420 in 1971. The tradition of lighting up at 420 permeated weed culture from then on. And in the 1980s, former High Times Magazine editor Steve Hager highlighted the Waldos’ story in the pages of the magazine. The rest is history. See you at our annual 420 High Times Cannabis Cup. Tickets on sale now!" — Jackee Stang, VP of Programming High Times & Founder of the High Times Women's Council

"It’s a fantastic time to be part of the cannabis community in New York City and 420 allows us to celebrate ourselves for the work we are putting in and will continue to put in with two goals in mind: decriminalization and legalization. To bring the community together, Viride and High Herstory have teamed up and are throwing a Prohibition Party!" — Sarah Remesch, founder of 270M & Managing Editor of Viride

“420 for this generation isn’t premised around decriminalization anymore. It’s about the lifestyle that cannabis brings and the benefit thereof. The plant may be a physical force, but 420 is far more an emotional experience than anything else. We’re advocates of preservation.”— Iram Cesani, Digital Marketing Manager at

“There has never been a more appropriate time in history to celebrate April 20th. So much incremental progress has been made in recent years, and this progress has directly improved the health and wellbeing of millions of people around the world. It takes courage and an open mind to set aside long-held fear-based beliefs in favor of the evidence that supports universal access to cannabis. I applaud the political and thought leaders which have thus far been so courageous, and I am thrilled to see how much more work we can get done before 4/20 of next year.” — Adie Wilson-Poe, Ph.D, Co-founder of Habu Health

“4/20 has long been a day of celebration and peaceful protest. This year, we'll take the day (at the Two Flowers CBD Beer Fest in Portland) to continue our march towards normalization of cannabis, working to dispel myths surrounding this miracle plant and championing access for those that need it most.” — Mason Walker, CEO of East Fork Cultivars

“When April 20th rolls around it feels like a breath of fresh air. It is the one day where the “stoner” stigma is dropped and people of all kind get together and enjoy the cannabis plant we all love so much. With a card that comes with a joint for every occasion, we like to say it’s “420 everyday” or it's about to be “420 AF.” Highly sprung into a new season, there never needs to be a reason to light up with your stoner sweetie–it's about the celebration of a joint movement. So, grab your Kushkard today and #sharethemoment.” — Lauren Miele, CEO/Founder of KushKards

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