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Cannabis Industry Spotlight Interview: Marijuasana’s Stacey Mulvey

“What keeps me positive and (relatively) sane is daily meditation and practicing cannabis yoga.”
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Marijuasana’s Stacey Mulvey

Marijuasana’s Stacey Mulvey

Stacey Mulvey loves teaching movement, viewing it as a spectrum of energy— from yin to yang and everything in between. She began practicing and teaching mindful movement in Callanetics after having an epiphany about mortality and taking control of her own quality of life. Eventually, Mulvey discovered that cannabis helped her concentrate and enhanced her motivation. She studied at Naropa University in yoga, painting, and psychology. After completing her coursework, honing her skills in mindful and meditative practices, Mulvey launched Marijuasana, a pop up yoga event series, offering hemp and cannabis-infused yoga classes across the nation, and dedicates her life to the coalition of cannabis and yoga. Recently, MAGNETIC sat down with the yogi to learn more about her practice and the benefits of mindful movement.

You can wait for Marijuasana to visit your city or you can become a Marijuasana Online member, which gives you access to exclusive wellness videos lead by Mulvey. 

A peek inside a Marijuasana class

A peek inside a Marijuasana class

How did you come to discover the connection between yoga and cannabis?

It was purely unintentional, through the act of actually combining the two. Prior to that, I had abstained from cannabis for about two years. I was smoking too much and it wasn’t serving me, so I quit completely. Two years later, I enrolled in a teacher training program for Pilates. I was nearing completion of my course and had the opportunity to attend the 2013 Cannabis Cup in Denver where I learned about CBD. I started smoking cannabis again and began taking CBD oil. Then, one night as I was practicing Pilates I had an incredible internal experience.

What was the experience like the first time you combined the two?

I felt like I completely owned my structure and could control everything. It might sound strange to hear, but I didn’t feel like I owned myself until that moment. Prior to that experience, I felt like my body was working against me and that I had to practically argue with it to get it to cooperate. Experiencing that synergy between my mind and body was incredible. That’s when I knew cannabis was the missing ingredient for me in feeling truly embodied.

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It seems like you've overcome many obstacles to get where you are today, what drives you and keeps you so positive?

Honestly, it’s a daily battle and it would be inauthentic for me not to admit that I go through periods of extreme self doubt. What keeps me positive and (relatively) sane is daily meditation and practicing cannabis yoga. And lately, I’ve added cold showers to the mix. My little routine helps me gain perspective, stay grateful, and gets me out of my head and into my body. Witnessing how much Marijuasana has affected people in such a positive way really keeps me going. I live for the student that comes up to me after class and shares how they were finally able to feel their core after my class, or how they didn’t realize how much tension they were holding until they released it. Being able to help participants achieve those shifts is the reason I am a teacher.

Do you use certain cultivars or do you find that certain cultivars work better/worse for your classes?

I have not personally found that cultivars matter all that much. I know that within the cannabis world there has been a lot of importance placed on genetics, but it’s so subjective in terms of grower, product and consumer. Since each person has their preference and some will swear by a specific cultivar, I believe that if you have something that works for you, stick to it. For me, what’s more important is how the cannabis is grown and the quality of the product. With Marijuasana, I hope to teach others to start tuning into and listening to their bodies. We should trust our nose. Due to our expanding knowledge surrounding terpenes, there is a huge crossover between the “alternative” healing modality of aromatherapy and essential oils and cannabis as medicine. So, if you’re unsure about selecting one cultivar over another, go with the one that smells best to you. I sincerely believe that your body is telling you something.

Take us through a typical class. What happens?

Every class has a tea bar set up where guests are provided with tea, samples of Bluebird Botanicals hemp extracts, and other CBD based products. If I’m in a private residence, this is also when we light up. I teach a hemp-only version as well, depending on the venue. The idea is to be social and connect with others in the class, to the extent that you want to. Then, I get everyone on their mats and start teaching yoga. 

My style of teaching is probably different from other yoga classes you may have taken. I receive a lot of good feedback because I teach in a way that allows everyone to participate and feel challenged no matter what your level. We always take a break in the middle, so we can consume more tea, water, CBD, or cannabis. The second half of class consists of me teaching a fun standing sequence while giving little tidbits of knowledge about how cannabis and yoga work together. By the time class is over, you feel expansive, and like you did something wonderful for yourself.

Upcoming events?

Currently my events are limited-time, and I am working on coordinating trips across the United States. In the past few months, I’ve visited Portland, Denver, Seattle, Anchorage, and Oakland. Classes are $25. My newsletter subscribers get notified of events first, which is a good idea because they have been selling out immediately:

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