EVEN's technology is revolutionizing the way you hear

Every single one of us hears differently. You may suffer from hearing loss, but I may not. Additionally, you might have tinnitus (ringing in the ears), but I may not. Your definition of "loud" is different than mine. There are too many factors that come into play in human hearing. So, why are headphones manufactured as a one-size-fits-all? EVEN is changing that.

Modern headphones are cheaply made and over-priced

Many headphones and earbuds these days, like Beats, are very cheaply made. Companies like Bose, JBL, and Sennheiser have been around for many years and produce quality products but again, they're a one-size-fits-all product.

Sure, you can change the EQ preferences in your mobile device or even the application that comes packaged with these devices. "Who's to say that rock music should be EQ'ed like that?" states EVEN founder Danny Aronson. "Our technology and products are like glasses for your ears. You can perceive things better if you can focus on it." 

Additionally, the average consumer doesn't know what EQ is, let alone how to go about doing it. 

How EVEN's technology works

Upon receiving your EVEN technology, you will be prompted by Sarah (EVEN's audio interface) to take a 90-second audio test using EVEN's patented EarPrint technology. During the test, you will press the EVEN button on your product when you hear the music. Getting your EarPrint is exactly like taking a hearing test. EVEN's technology will then calculate the best EQ curve for your range of hearing.

Multiple EarPrints

With EVEN's mobile application you're able to save your EarPrints. So, if you want an EarPrint for your home, the bus ride, and/or at the gym, you're able to do so. Just be sure to redo the 90-second EarPrint test in the aforementioned places to get an accurate reading. Once you've finished taking the EarPrint test, simply name it in the mobile application and select in when that EarPrint is most applicable.

Sarah does a great job of walking you through the EarPrint process. But her voice is very loud in doing so. When you're listening for very soft sounds at varying frequency ranges, the loud vocal interjections make it hard to focus and can throw off the accuracy of the EarPrint.


I had to do my EarPrint twice to get it accurate. The first EarPrint I did had the audio panned about 65% to the right. 

I did have a few issues at first. My mobile application wouldn't connect or recognize the H2 headphones. I connected it via the Bluetooth menu in Settings and also through the app. It wouldn't recognize that the H2 headphones were on and in pairing mode. I was able to connect it to another mobile device without any issues.

However, after updating my iOS to 11.3, the issue was resolved. I had a similar connectivity issue when connecting the Soundbrenner Pulse.

Build quality

The quality of the EVEN H2 headphones is great. The wood that the earmuffs are made of is sturdy, clean, and attractive. 

The cushion of the muffs is comfortable. However, after wearing them for 15-20 minutes, my ears do begin to get a little sore. I'm willing to bet that this will get better as I wear them, as they'll stretch. 

These are heavy duty headphones and most certainly are up to par in build quality. 

Sound quality

The H2 headphone's sound quality is superb. With the easy and accurate setup of EarPrint, EVEN's technology is able to tailor a listening experience that's specific to you. The bass is just right, and the highs aren't too harsh. Most headphones are a plug and play, but these are not. 

The H2 headphones feature a 30 foot range, a Lithium Ion battery capable of 20 hours of continued use, Beryllium, Dynamic 40mm drivers, and a frequency response of 20-20,000Hz.

EVEN EarPrint mobile application

The mobile application is easy to use. Aside from the minor connectivity issue, the mobile application was extremely intuitive and shows plenty of information regarding the EarPrints. There currently isn't much more you can do with it. 

Some features/improvements that would be nice additives

It would be nice to be able to choose your music through the application. Right now, you have to go into the music app. In my case, Apple Music. The application did force close when I redid my EarPrint. Turning the EarPrint on and off is a bit bumpy. The music nearly stops when it switches the EarPrint on and off. It would be nice to hear a smoother transition to really be able to hear the difference. 

Below is a screenshot of my EarPrint in my room. Both the left and right side have frequencies laid out. It shows how loud each frequency is in each ear. 14kHz in my right ear is normal, whereas it's a little softer in my left ear. This would vary greatly depending on the ambience and location when doing the EarPrint. Tapping on each of the small dots on the frequency ranges brings up an information box that explains what instruments usually sit in that frequency range. 

EVEN EarPrint Graph

My EVEN EarPrint

Final thoughts

The EVEN company and H2 headphones are among the top five headphones that I've tested. The company has a strong vision of changing the way we listen to the content we love. Whether that content be in the car, at home watching a movie, or simply listening to music, we should all be able to enjoy it so that it's unique to you. 

EVEN is a newer company, so there's certainly plenty of room for improvement. And I have no doubt that they will be a household name in 1-5 years. "We don't just talk the talk. We walk the walk," states Danny Aronson. "We put the person back in personalized sound." 

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