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Exclusive: Slow Magic Track-By-Track Breakdown Of New 'AWAY' EP'

Slow Magic breaks down his new EP, AWAY.
Slow Magic Trees Dallas 10/26/17

Slow Magic

Slow Magic may have just released his new album Float in October, but that is not stopping the masked, drumming electronic musician from releasing another project. He recently released his new EP AWAY and it brings many of the same melodic qualities found on Float. Instead of trying to dive into the project ourselves, we had Slow Magic give you a breakdown each track so you can see what inspired him, what is the meaning behind them and how some of the four tunes came together. Follow along with the EP to hear the songs and pick up a copy here.

ALL ABOUT U: This song is a futuristic love song. It came very naturally as I was eager to make some new music for the summer. I actually started this song while watching TV with my family just messing around and it eventually ended up being what it is today.

SUN: I started working on this song on a flight across the USA. I was inspired by being above the clouds and how bright the sun can be up there. I wanted to capture everything that summer makes you feel, even if you listen to the song in the winter. Once I got home I added the guitar and my own voice to the track.

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Hold On: This song all started with the simple vocal sample that loops throughout (sung by me actually). It built around the repetition and feeling of the vocal sample. By the middle of the song things are totally different than the beginning, but the melody still is there haunting like a ghost.

GO (feat. Toulouse): This song actually started a while ago and was possibly going to be on FLOAT. I love Toulouse’s vocals and everything he sent was amazing. I think it ended up having 35 layers of just vocal.  

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