Germany's Far Right AFD Party Wants To Revoke Berghain's Current Business License

They would like to replace it with a much tamer one where the club closes at times on the weekends.
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Berghain, one of dance music’s most revered cultural institutions is under attack. Germany’s far right party, AFD, now is looking to take their cultural crusade to the Berlin techno club and revoke its current business license.

They would like to overhaul the club, changing its hedonistic image and give it a more polished and controlled image.

The AFD has submitted a request to the Berlin city council, according to the Berliner Morgan Post, to revoke Berghain’s current license and presumably replace it with a new one. The club would then be open from 10pm to 6 am to allow for a more natural biorhythm without drugs (like staying up until 6am is all that natural, let's be real). They also want to add more light and personnel in the club to try and prevent sex acts that happen out in the open (hint, people like fucking).

In the proposal, they cite drug use within the Berghain, notably amphetamines, which keep people, awake through the entire weekend. They cite a case where an American tourist was not given medical attention after overdosing and would die, as well as some HIV cases.

The AFD are a far-right party with employ strong anti-immigrant and anti-Islam ideals, that some say mirrors Nazi rhetoric. They were only formed five years ago, but have grown in popularity with rising tensions in response to the large numbers of refugees arriving from the Middle East in the past few years. They won 13% of the vote in the 2017 elections and have secured concessions from the Merkel government, including a cabinet position, while playing a loud opposition role.

You would think that there is no way something like this could happen in socially liberal Germany. But look around the world and MUCH crazier things have happened (cough the Donald, Brexit). Don’t take anything for granted and fight for your right to party -- especially a proper party.  

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