Germany's Far Right AfD Withdraws Proposal To Revoke Berghain's License

Berghain is safe from rogue politicians.
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Berghain Berlin Nightclub Outside

Berghain Berlin Nightclub Outside

News broke yesterday that a non-party council member Sibylle Schmidt who sits for  the German far right party AfD has submitted a proposal to remove the current business license from Berghain and replace it with one that was strip the club of its current identity. After the backlash and almost amusement from seemingly every corner of politics, music and the internet, the national party has stepped in and withdrawn the proposal.

Frank-Christian Hansel, a founding member of Berlin AfD, said in a tweet that the council member did not speak for the party and this was a personal request, not a request by the party. A spokesperson for the AfD national association, Ronald Glasses, on Thursday, "The AfD is not a prohibition party” via the Berliner Morganpost.

The request came yesterday by Schmidt asking the council to remove Berghain’s current business license and change the way the club operates. She proposed new regulations for the club like changing operating hours from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. to try and prevent drug use. She also wanted to add more personnel inside the club and more lighting to prevent sex acts.

The proposal had little chance of passing, but it is still good to see a proposal like this getting rebuked so quickly.

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