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Gui Boratto Announces New Album 'Pentagram,' Shares First Single

The album will arrive on June 15 via Kompakt.
Gui Boratto

Gui Boratto

Brazilian producer Gui Goratto has announced the details for his new album Pentagram, including the tracklist and release date. It will be his first album in four years and will arrive on Kompakt in June.

Boratto will explore some of the same themes and sounds that he put together on his four previous albums, but casts them in a different perspective on this record. His wife, Luciana Villanova, who previously sang on “Beautiful Life,” will return on another track “Overload.”

He has unveiled the first single “Forgive Me” to go along with the album announcement. Boratto says the single is more complex than what he has done in the past.

"I think I've used more than 30 different snares, with different delays and reverbs," says Boratto about the title track. "The whole song is alive."

The title came from somewhat of a happy accident with the length of the album and some of his influences in the Brazilian art space.

“The Brazilian sculptor Lygia Clark also inspired me a lot,” says Boratto. “Not the meaning of her sculptures, but the shape of the hinge of most of her work. I’ve wanted to transmit the scientific pentagram’s point of view. It’s not a religious kind of thing.”

Pentagram will be released on June 15 via Kompakt. Fans can pre-order digital, 2xLP, or CD copies here.


A1/01 The Walker

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A2/02 The Black Bookshelf

A3/03 Overload feat. Luciana Villanova

B1/04 Forgotten

B2/05 Forgive Me

B3/06 Scene 2

C1/07 Alcazar

C2/08 The Phoenix feat. Nathan Berger

C3/09 Halluciantion feat. B.T.

D1/10 Spur

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