Has Social Media Changed the Way We Enjoy Modern Music?

Discovering new music has never been more overwhelming and addicting.
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Music is something that has always transcended itself and touched the lives of billions of people worldwide. Over the past decade, it’s pretty clear that the internet has played an enormous role in shaping the future of the musical world. With the inception of iTunes and Spotify, fans get get even closer to the music they love. But, there is one more area of the web that has has a profound impact on the musical world - social media.

It’s clear that the internet has changed our lives these days, and allowed us to do a great many things. From online people search opportunities to comprehensive online shopping, the internet has been a game changer, and nowhere has this been more apparent than with social media, particularly with regards to music. There are plenty of wonderful ways you can access and enjoy music via social media, and we’re going to look at some of them.

For one thing, it’s clear that social media has seen a rise in the amount of underground music that is getting more exposure. Artists many of us have never heard of are suddenly trending on Facebook and Twitter. That lets us access this music and indulge in artists and songs we might never have heard of before. Opening our minds and absorbing other types of music is essential - you never know, you might even find a new favorite artist!

Another way in which social media has changed the way we enjoy music is that we are able to share it with friends. This is something that, in the past, would have to have been done in person, and via the use of CDs. These days we can simply share music with someone on their social media profile, or tag them in a particular post that might contain a song we both dig. This is a great way of making music more fun and enjoyable, and more of a sociable experience.

Social media has also brought us closer to the culture of celebrity, and this has changed our experiences. Now, instead of simply being able to listen to our favorite artists making the music we love, we can interact. Many musicians are active on Twitter and Facebook these days, and this allows us to interact with them and have a more interpersonal experience with those making the music we love. This in turn actually enhances our enjoyment of the music, and makes it a more complete experience. It may well give us a lasting love for the music on a much deeper level.

It’s pretty clear that music plays a big role in the modern world, and so does social media. So it seems only natural that the two would combine to enhance our musical experience. Social media has definitely changed the way we enjoy modern music, and has given us experiences we may never have had in the past. Social media has allowed us the opportunity to enjoy music much more than we ever have done, and it could evolve even more in the future! 

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