How to Land Gigs as an Up-and-Coming DJ

Need some gigs, here are some ideas
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You already know that the market is flooded with wannabe DJs and many are really quite talented. With a little bit of direction, they could be almost as good as you are, almost that is! You know you have what it takes, and you are ready to launch, but how do you get that first shot? After such a long time in the studio you’ve set up at your home, locked away mastering your art of mixing other artists’ tunes and creating some of your own beats, you are feeling a bit threatened at the possibility of doing your show in front of a live audience.

If you are really ready to launch your career as a DJ, here are a few tips to help you live the life you’ve always dreamed of – music. Just don’t forget to have a ready supply of DJ business cards to leave with every club you talk to. You never know when they might need a last-minute fill-in and if you’re the only one who left a card, what do you think the chance are of getting that call? You betcha – it’s going to be you. Now take the time to consider these tips.

Hooking Up

Before hounding all the local club managers, take a step back for a moment to assess your talents. Decide which clubs would be best suited to your style, and make no bones about it, every DJ has his or her own style. Once you’ve shortened your list, it’s time to start with those clubs that offer “Guest DJ” nights. Some will have multiple DJs in a night, each given a chance to do a set, and other clubs let one single DJ do the entire evening of spinning tracks. It may depend on how many DJs are lined up waiting for their big chance. However, the key is to get yourself heard so a bit of patience may be in order here.

Make the Performance Memorable

You’ve probably mastered a huge number of sets, so it’s time to pick your very best. If you can’t decide, get your best buds to choose for you. Ask your friends which set they like the best and go from there. If there is no consensus, then take a look at their comments. Match those remarks about what they liked most and what they liked least to get a better vantage point. Based on what they said, you may find that you have different strong sets which best suit a variety of clubs. Once you’ve got the perfect set you know will be memorable, it’s time to make yourself memorable.

Style Is the Name of the Game

Believe it or not, every famous DJ out there has a unique style of presentation. It could be the clothes you are wearing, it could be your hair, your moves or even your attitude. Go in with style as well as talent and chances are great you’ll come out with the gig. You may ‘think’ that no one will notice you up there playing your beats because they will be too busy dancing, but that just isn’t true. No matter how heavy the light show, or boisterous the crowd, you will be noticed. See that hot chick over there? Yeah, that one! She’s got her eye on you and all because you have style. What a great way to break into the business, wouldn’t you say?

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