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IKEA, Teenage Engineering Detail Low-Cost Portable Partying, Home Audio Collab

The collaboration will be released in 2020.
IKEA Teenage Engineering

UPDATE: The collaboration can now be purchased on the IKEA website. Now go and get your very cheap portable speakers subwoofers and lights, though we can't guarantee how good things will sound.

IKEA and Teenage Engineering have revealed more details about their low-cost home audio collaboration for portable partying from when it was revealed in February. The Swedish synth and audio company has given us the best look at Frekvens, their collaboration with IKEA, which will likely be much cheaper than most equipment on the market.

Speaking to Ad Age, Teenage Engineering’s Jesper Kouthoofd, spoke about the system that is something that is self-contained and can be deployed at a moment’s notice.

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“Marcus [Engman, head of design at Ikea] got this idea that it’s kind of like a home roadie thing, like you could set up your own sound system,” Kouthoofd says. “Then I started thinking about how, a lot of Swedes, we go to Ikea when we have a party—to get candles, napkins. Maybe we could do something that’s really affordable so people can buy a sound system, including a light show—a complete party.”

It comes with turntable, speaker and lighting, so you can just break it out and set up music with lights anywhere you are.

The equipment has been in the works for three years and will range from $5 to $99. They are in the final stages of refining, but should expect to release the project for a limited time in 2020.

"We're working on tweaking the turntable design right now to get it to a good price," adds Kouthoofd. "I want it to be as low as possible."

No word on how long it would take to first assemble the pieces, if that is necessary. 

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