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Bastian Bux is considered as a rising star in home country of Spain and made his debut as Bastian Bux in Los Angeles last weekend. At only 30 years of age, he has already toured in the Middle East, Asia, South Africa, opened for Jean-Michel Jarre and released music on some of the best imprints in the game. Bastian music can be defined as “deep & emotional techno, dark house and high class electronica.”

We sat down with him to talk about the fantastic year he’s having so far and his plans for the future.

I hear you’re playing in LA this Friday…I’m sure you’re quite excited! When is the last time you played there?

Yeah I'm super excited about it!!! I played in LA some years ago, but it was before I created Bastian Bux so, we can say it is my LA debut. I'm happy to see that my USA appearances are rising. I really believe that underground music is gonna be big in the very near future.


You released music on Suara, Mood and Bedrock. What’s next?

I feel so good being involved with Suara, it is my family and I want to be connected with them forever, they're my priority label. But I would love to release someday in legendary labels like Cocoon, Kompakt or Innervisions. For now it is only a personal goal.

What is it like to warm up for Jean-Michel Jarre?

I still can't believe it. It was one of these things that you could never predict. When the offer came in it was totally unexpected for me. It is always special to share the stage with legends, but JMJ is one of those rare acts that doesn’t use to be part of any third party line up or festival... He plays mainly his own concerts and it is super difficult for any other artist to share the stage with him. I felt blessed. The set was a completely new experience for me: the venue was in the middle of the mountains, the audience was so warm and nice with me, and the crew treated me so well. It was a fantastic and unforgettable experience.

I understand you’re involved in the upcoming album by Coyu. Can you tell us more?

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We are good friends now, and we are always sharing ideas and projects, checking what the other think about this and that. I really appreciate the fact that he relies on me when he has doubts about what to release on Suara or about his own projects, especially when it comes to sound engineering doubts. And to be honest this is my only input on Coyu's new album. We have the idea of doing new EPs together, but when it comes to his new album the only thing I'll do is to help him with his own projects giving my point of view (and hearing).

Apart from Coyu do you have any mentors? Role models?

My Bastian Bux project would had never been the same without Baum, one of the most musically-wise guys I've ever met. He's an amazing DJ and producer, and he has been helping me since the very beginning, same with Alex Castillo, my first manager and Spanish booker. When it comes to Role models, I follow and admire a lot of people, but recently I feel identified with Patrice Baumel's career. I do respect him a lot and I would say that now he's one of my role models, even though I never had the chance to meet him personally.

South Africa is booming for electronic music at the moment. How was your gig over there?

I have no words to describe my South African tour. Apart from the beauty of the country itself, people there has a unique energy. They're really open minded when it comes to music and they are not scared about mixing super diverse genres in the same DJ set. My favorite experience was to discover a lot of resident DJs that played outstanding sets. South Africa gave me a lot of inspiration and love; I literally cannot wait to be back.

What can we expect from Bastian Bux for the next years to come? Any special projects/gigs?

I've been talking about this for years now but I think that my next "big step" will be my live set. I wanted to have it ready for 2017 but I still feel it is not special enough, so I'm still working on its development. I'll let you know when it is 100% ready! I am kind of a perfectionist, that's why it takes me ages to release new music. But I think I'll have it ready anytime soon! I don't think too much about the future, but what's for sure is that you can expect more and (hopefully) better music from me, both solo and collaborating with other artists. When it comes to gigs, I hope to keep growing, learning and improving my career visiting and discovering new places in this beautiful and amazing planet.

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