Interview: GTA Talks Ultra 2018, Staying Diverse And The Industry Itself

We got a chance to catch up with GTA after their genre-defying release of Death to Genres Vol. 3 at Ultra 2018.
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GTA's Death to Genres Vol. 3 came out a month ago and it's always refreshing to hear their talent of being able to put out a variety of tracks that you wouldn't know were produced by a duo. We got the chance to catch up with them at Ultra and talk so read our interview below!

GTA at Ultra 2018

GTA at Ultra 2018

With Ultra 2018 successfully wrapped up, how was playing for you guys?

Playing Ultra was incredible as always! It was the biggest crowd we’ve ever had there so far. We always get a bit nervous for Ultra because it's such an important set to us, being from Miami. But both of our families were able to come out and see us play, especially my (Matt’s) mom who had never been able to before!

What are some of the challenging aspects of not following a specific genre when producing?

The hardest part about not following any genres would be that in the short term our sound may seem to not be very cohesive. That was one of the biggest challenges in creating our full-length album, Good Times Ahead. It took us a while to find the exact sound that we wanted to carry throughout the whole LP, but after years of working on it, we finally found a sound that we were confident in for that particular project. But overall there are far more pro's for us not sticking to one genre. The main one being is that that is exactly who we are as musicians, all over the place!

What are some issues you have with the industry as it stands?

I feel as though too much of the music industry is preoccupied with "the look" or personalities vs. quality of music. Not that it's a terrible thing, but there is so much great music and artists that are not being discovered simply because they don't have something to "sell" you. This is the reason why we always try and find new young artists to work with and play out their music to the world!

The Swedish House Mafia reunion was no doubt amazing but have they had any influence on your sound throughout the years?

Of course, they have! If you listen to a lot of early GTA music there is a ton of progressive house influence in there. Especially our song "Hit It" which actually was released on Steve Angello's Size Records.

Although Death to Genres 3 came out recently, can you guys talk about what fans can expect for the 4th EP?

We're not trying to divulge too many secrets just like we did with DTG3. But let's just say there will be a lot of flavor. :] 

GTA at Ultra 2018

GTA at Ultra 2018

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