In preparation for the sold-out Desert Hearts festival next weekend, we sat down with San Diego native Kevin Anderson to talk about all things Desert Hearts. Kevin's been rocking with the crew for quite some time and has provided some crucial insight on which sets are not to be missed and how to survive the 72 hours straight of non-stop heaters. Be sure to check him out if you're lucky enough to be going to the festival and if not, check out his remix below exclusive to Magnetic.

What 3x non-DH member sets are you looking forward to the most?

Thats really tough to choose only three, this is my favorite lineup to date. I’m going to go with Nathan Barato, Kevin Knapp & Acid Mondays.

What DH member set(s) are you looking forward to the most?

Easy, of course, I choose my dogs RYBO, Lubelski, and Justin Campbell!

What is your favorite memory at a Desert Hearts festival?

Lol I honestly can't tell you my FAVORITE one. I'd probably get in trouble.

What makes Desert Hearts festival standout from other festivals?

In my opinion, it's way more than just a festival or a party. I look at it like its some type of organism thats continually growing. It's not only a platform for DJs or producers to express themselves, but artists of all types. I know that doesn't really answer this question. But for me, Desert Hearts is year round. It's my life. Maybe my opinion is biased, maybe it isn't, but Desert Hearts is a lifestyle and no other festival holds that title for me.

Any tips you could give for first time DH festival attendees?

  1. Always have fun
  2. Don't start any fights
  3. Be friendly to everyone
  4. DON'T CREEP (you know what this means)
  5. Drink water (cuz you kinda have to)
  6. RESPECT the bartenders working the Pile Palace Bar
  8. Prepare for cold nights
  9. Go to bed at some point
  10. Eat something

Who is your favorite producer in the game right now?

I've been really diggin' my boy Cloonee out of the UK. Met the dude on Facebook messenger and we hit it off. Sent some of his tunes to Mikey and then they recently released on DH back in February. But watch out for Cloonee, he's making that hot fire.

Who is your favorite DJ in the game right now?

Mother fucking Alex Villalobos. San Diego Legend.

What has been the highlight of your year so far?

All the traveling to gigs, flying to new cities, playing in new markets. I love it, I love meeting the new faces, I love everything about it. It's a dream come true for me.

Any goals you have for yourself this year?

Just finish all the music I have been working on. I have heaps of collabs and unfinished projects that i'm really trying to get wrapped up at the moment. Got some new ones that I'm gunna play at the festival this year, an EP, and a remix coming out on Room Temp Recs in the coming months and a collab EP with my pal Fritz Carlton thats coming out a Brazilian label.

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