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Kanye West Announces Two Albums, One With Kid Cudi 'Kids See Ghost'

The two albums will be out in June.

Kanye West has resurrected his Twitter and with it comes the spotlight of being one of the biggest musicians in the world. He said it was for a philosophy book he is writing in real time, which it still could be, but today we have a better idea of what this is all about and finally some sort of idea of what has been happening in Wyoming – two albums. The first is a seven-track album and then another with Kid Cudi titled Kids See Ghosts.

The first album probably has lots of features given all of the people he has been seen with over the past year and a half. It will be released on June 1 according to ‘Ye. His joint project with Cudder will be released the following week on June 8. He has formed a group with Kid Cudi named Kids See Ghosts and this is their album. There are no further details on producers, other collaborators, Tidal exclusivity or anything like that now, but it is good to have some pretty definitive proof new music from Kanye is on the way.

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