Kush Queen Brings a Feminine Touch to the Cannabis Space

Feel like royalty with these pre-roll cones and bath bombs!
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Kush Queen

Kush Queen

Kush Queen is a beauty and lifestyle company with a focus on femininity. Their pre-roll cones add an extra feminine touch to the joint life, with different colors and beautiful floral prints. More remarkably, the papers are hemp, and the designs are printed onto the papers with completely vegan, edible ink. Safe to inhale, these are a great way to spice up your smoke sesh, photo shoot, or gifts to others.

Kush Queen Purple Joint

Kush Queen also offers bath bombs. I was skeptical of the 25mg dose of CBD, as I am used to higher dosages in my bath bombs. This skepticism was gone after my first use, as the CBD certainly has an affect. Each bomb is wrapped in plastic, which isn’t favorable, but otherwise their packaging is adorable. Each one is also wrapped with a paper band adorned in floral print, and gives the name and ingredients of each bomb. They have a good amount of fizz time, which is one of the best parts about bath bombs, and created beautiful bath water that left my tub clean after draining.

I had the opportunity to try Awaken, Relax, Sleep, and Relieve. Each name is descriptive of the affects you’ll enjoy. Awaken is bright pink, and has peppermint essential oil, perking you up and leaving you feeling extra clean. Relax is blue, and is infused with lavender, chamomile, and frankincense essential oils, all known for their relaxation as well as other health benefits. With 25mg of CBD, this bomb is the solid choice for pain and relaxing muscles. Sleep is a purple bomb, and has citrus reticulata, marjorana, and lavender. This bomb is also great for pain, and is a good choice to help settle in for the evening. Light some candles to really set the mood. Relive is green, and has clove, birch, rosemary, black pepper, and coriander. These essential oils plus the CBD make for a great pain relieving bath.

Organic ingredients, CBD infused and pretty colored baths -- Kush Queen bath bombs deliver on it all. If 25mg doesn’t sound like a strong enough dose, treat yourself to two, and see what fun colors you can create! Make it a spa evening, and use their floral pre-rolls, you’ll feel like a true Kush Queen yourself. 

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