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The multi-instrumentalist, classically trained songwriter duo LMBO, consisting of Michael Swartz and Koby Berman, are back with their second single after their debut release, "Fake It." Their new track "Dysphoria" on Illicit Records blends the duo's light and dark side while integrating a fun, upbeat rhythm to it. 

“This indie-electronic ballad deals with the struggle of maintaining authenticity while pursuing a career in the music industry." -LMBO

Swartz and Berman met back in high school and have produced a handful of music over the years. In May of 2018, Berman will graduate from Tulane University with his MFA in music composition. Swartz's vast musical experience has allowed him to produce music under a myriad of monikers for more than five years. 

The LMBO project is something very special to both musicians. With it, they're looking to create diverse, unique, and meaningful music that can be appreciated by many.

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“Every day you wake up, you are going to face uncertainties, whether in your personal life or your career. You may never find comfort, but maybe you can find peace of mind in our music.”

"Dysphoria" has been released as a free download on Illicit Records.

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