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This Saturday, April 7th, Magnetic and Halcyon SF proudly present present Ibiza superstar Darius Syrossian. His Do Not Sleep parties have created a worthy following on the island, and his own productions are absolutely top notch, being signed to some of the biggest labels around. Ahead of his Halcyon debut, we caught up with him to discuss all the newest happenings in his world, including his new label and residency. 


We love the DNS parties in Ibiza. What’s it like spending the entire summer on the white isle? What are some things that have thankfully stayed the same, and what are some of the more subtle changes you've seen over the years?

Hi guys, well I have been a resident DJ on the island since 2012 from May to October every year, it’s great and lots of obvious plus points, but there are also some downsides such as I get withdrawal symptoms from not being in my studio at home, and I’ve actually flown back for 48 hours just to make music on a few occasions haha. I like to be in my studio when producing tracks.

Rumor has it that you'll be joining the legendary roster of residents at Amnesia. What does it feel like to reach such an incredible milestone? If you were to give advice to a new DJ who wanted to do the same, what would it be?

Yeah it’s a massive honor. I start on June 14th, and after meeting the Amnesia guys and the owner I realized I have made the right choice. They are fully behind me and also DNS, and we are looking at things long term which is great. My advice for any new DJ would be stay true to yourself and hone in on your own sound as opposed to trying to make and play what’s popular, as that doesn’t make you stand out from any other DJ really.

We go to Ibiza for one week and need twice as long to recover! It takes a lot of energy to do what you do week in, week out. What’s your secret weapon to stay healthy and sane?

Hahaha well even though I’m based there I have to fly in and out of the island every WEEK for other shows all summer, like festivals and tours, so it’s literally in and out all the time, and more gigs in summer than winter. The secret is eating super healthy, you are what you eat! If you were driving a Porsche you wouldn’t fill it with cheap petrol would you? It’s the same, fill your body with only good healthy food and you will have mega stamina for everything, as for staying sane? Well I’m always being told I’m already crazy so it doesn’t matter hahaha

You've recently announced you'll be launching your own record label, Moxy Music. There's an argument to be made about there being too many record labels out there. Why now? What lead you to the point of deciding it was time to start your own, and what do you think is the key element that will separate Moxy Music from the rest?

The argument about already too many labels is not an argument, that’s like saying there are already lots of clothing brands or lots of restaurants, why open a new one? The reason is that I am more and more frustrated with new music at the moment putting out the same generic formula. Also there is so much mundane tech house out there and I think a label defines what music you are about personally, I do not play that obvious tech house stuff, I play music from any genre that is good, that I like, from deeper house stuff to full-on techno, even some acid disco flavours and also some progressive. THIS will also be reflected with the releases on the label, I have artists such as Doc Martin, Phil Weeks, Christian Burkhardt, Man Power, Tommy Vicari Jr, East End Dubs all releasing on the label for the first few releases as well as myself, it’s 100% not gonna be generic Beatport top ten music.

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Speaking of records, you’ve had some hot tracks come out on Hot Creations, including 'Hi It’s Me.' Where did you get the sample “I don’t do bottle service clubs or VIP bullshit...“? Did someone leave that on your voicemail or what?!

Haha no those words I came up with and asked my friend Hannah from L.A who worked with Paradise DC10 last summer to send as a voice note to me so I can use it on a track. It’s a tongue in cheek middle finger to the rise of VIP culture that is ruining Ibiza… and I wanted to make a track which mocks all that.

We are just kidding. We feel the same way. And know you’re recently engaged! Congratulations! We are happy for you! If you could get married anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Thank you, myself and my fiancée are currently looking at wedding venues in Ibiza, but it will most likely be April 2019, when it’s away from the madness of the summer, and we can have a nice wedding with family and friends in a beautiful location.

Well SF is a magical city as well and we are super excited about your first SF play! Is there anything, in particular, you want to do while visiting?

I love the place, I last visited in 2011, it was amazing, I found the people the most chilled out and genuine more than anywhere else in the States. Everyone was super genuine. I would love a drive around and see some shops, I remember I went shopping last time with Lawler who I was touring with.

San Francisco dances to its own beat. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of house music and the Bay City? What can we expect from your performance?

Ahh there are so many names, having run a vinyl record shop for 15 years I came across so many great San Fran artists whose music I sold, Miguel Migs, Justin Martin, Fred Everything and loads more spring to mind, BUT I’d say the first thing that comes to mind is Mark Farina’s Mushroom jazz albums. I sold so many double packs of vinyl as well in my shop! Legendary stuff the Mushroom Jazz releases! As for my own set, I’ll play as long as I can and I know I’m doing minimum three hours or something hahaha so there will be music from all genres in that time as I love to switch between genres.

Awesome, well we know we are in for a treat and can’t wait to have you on the best coast!

Thanks and I can’t wait to play and meet everyone. Thanks for having me.

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