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Photos: Monolink Shares His Five Favorite Places In Berlin With Release Of 'Amniotic'

Monolink takes us to Berghain, Ä-Bar in Neukölln, Maybach-Ufer Markt and more on his guided photo tour.

Hailley Howard

Berlin electronic musician and producer Steffen Linck, better known to the world as, Monolink has released his new album today Amniotic. The soothing, melodic piece of electronic music eases into pop, but does not stay long and has some hints of Bob Moses without being an obvious ripoff. In honor of the complete body of work, we asked Linck to put on for his city and tell us his five favorite music spots in Berlin. So the next time you head to Berlin, keep these places in mind.

If you are digging the album and heading to Coachella, then you can catch Monolink at the DoLab stage on Sunday night.

1. Street musicians at Maybach-Ufer Markt:

Street musicians at Maybach-Ufer Markt

Street musicians at Maybach-Ufer Markt   

At the end of Maybach Ufer Markt is a little place for musicians to present their music, right by the river here in Kreuzberg. It’s really cozy and when the sun is up the perfect spot to listen to some nice handmade music. Plenty of good food around as well!

2. Kater Blau:

Kater Blau

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My favorite club here in Berlin, and also right next to my studio. Parties there go on really long, so sometimes on Monday evening I stop by for a little dance after a day in the studio.

3. Ä-Bar in Neukölln:

Ä-Bar in Neukölln

Ä-Bar in Neukölln

I used to play concerts myself at Ä a few years ago. Every Wednesday they offer two free concerts there. You never really know what you’re gonna get and that’s the fun part about it. Sometimes the music is just horrible, and sometimes you get a mind-blowing show from bands all over the planet.

4. Berghain:


Not much to say here, you just have to experience it for yourself.

5. Berliner Philharmonie:

Berliner Philharmonie

Whether you’re into classical music or not, this concert hall is worth visiting. The sound in the main hall is so three dimensional and gentle, it’s a real pleasure just to close your eyes and listen. 

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