Pink Floyd, Bob & Fred, Damon Lead Discogs Most Expensive Records Sold In February 2018

People really like rare vinyl.
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Discogs vinyl

It is no secret that Discogs is one of the best places to go if you want a rare piece of vinyl for your collection. However, with the competition you will likely have to pay quite a bit for it. The most expensive vinyl was the 1982 Colombia blue transparent reissue of Pink Floyd's Meddle, which sold for $4,400. The exact number of these reissues is unknown, thus leading to its elevated price. Bob & Fred and Damon round out the top three.

Somebody sold Big & Fred’s 1966 single “I'll Be On My Way (Part 1)” for $4,239, while Damon’s rare psych Song Of A Gypsy sold for $3,500.

Other notable releases in the top 30 include records by Joy Division, Nirvana, The Beatles and Black Sabbath.

See the full list and their prices here

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