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Pioneer DJ Announces HDJ-S7 On Ear Headphone

The headphones feature the world's first 40mm HD drivers

Today, Pioneer DJ has announced their latest professional DJ headphone, that they've called the HDJ-S7. The S7 is the successor to the C70, and follows along with the X line Pioneer released last year. The new on-ear headphone also features what the company is calling the world's first 40mm HD driver, which is derived from the 50mm driver found in the X10, meaning it covers a frequency range from 5hz to 40khz. 


Style-wise, they also mirror the X line, with the sleek outline and grippy cups. Every component of the headphone has been redesigned to look, feel, and most importantly, sound better. The S7 comes in black and white. Which color will you choose? Check the intro video below, and click here for more details. 

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