If there is one house music DJ in the entire universe who celebrates marijuana on a daily basis -with no fear, that's Phil Weeks. You certainly have seen his infamous underground chronicles videos and while showing his tricks he always managed to hold a joint in one hand. This one video with DJ Sneak is quite epic and will surely make you laugh. 

We reached out to Miami duo Wolf Story to give us their 4/20 favorite playlist and it's all about getting high, smoking weed and enjoying the pleasure of the forbidden plant -though not so forbidden anymore. 

Right next to Phil Weeks comes the controversial DJ Sneak, NOT DJ Snake for goodness sake! DJ Sneak is Phil Weeks favorite partner in crime. Sneak is often seen with his Parisian counterpart Phil Weeks and knows a thing or 2 about the green plants. His track "Marijuana" made some serious noise a couple of years back. 

Why not including 2 legendary classic on hump day? "Higher State of Consciousness" by Josh Wink out in the 90's arguably put down the foundations for what is underground dance music today. When you feel like flying out of space while smoking weed you should give a listen to the all time dance classic "Out of Space" by The Prodigy. The playlist also features Simon Groove's "The Weed Sound" with some psychedelic flutes and Oggie B "Get High" from Nervous Records. It's a collaborative playlist, which means you can add songs to it until Monday of next week. 

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