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Playlist: Brett Gould Top 10 Songs From Idris Elba's Label 7Wallace

Get to know Idris Elba's label.
Brett Gould

Brett Gould

You may know Idris Elba for his roles in The Wire, Luther, Thor, Beasts Of No Nation, Prometheus and even The Office, but he is also a DJ and record label owner. He is gearing up to release a new release from London-based house and techno DJ Brett Gould at the end of the week that includes a remix from Huxley. In honor of the new EP titled Get Down, we decided to have Brett Gould take you on a little journey into 7Wallace’s discography and help you discover the songs that Idris Elba has been signing to his label.

Pre-order the Get Down EP here before it is released on Friday, April 13 and keep on reading and listening for 10 selections from 7Wallace. 

1) Brett Gould – Get Down (7Wallace)
So pleased with this track. It came together very quickly in the studio and rocks in all my sets. It's getting some great feedback and plays in the clubs. Michael Bibi played it at his event, Solid Grooves, at Fabric this Friday and said it went off! Pre-order here.

2) Idris Elba – Make It Bump (Andrea Oliva Remix) (7Wallace)

This track never leaves my box. I saw Andrea play this at Brixton Academy – massive tune. 

3) Brett Gould – Late Night (Huxley Remix) (7Wallace)

Huxley’s taken my original on a deep and underground trip. One of the best and diverse producers in the house scene by a mile. Pre-order here.

4) Natalie Wood X N:Fostell – Circles (Idris Elba Remix) (7Wallace)

Idris changes the groove and creates a darker feel to the track with bigger hollow basslines. This really emphasizes his sound. Natalie has a great voice and give the rest of the mix an uplifting feel. 

5) Brett Gould – Late Night (7Wallace)

Really happy with this. It's not often I create a bassline first in my productions. It's made me re-think the way I make music. Sometimes I now start with the bass and chords. This gets played in all of my sets now! 

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6) Coen – Ululu (Aero Manyelo Cigar Mix) (7Wallace)

The whole EP has a lovely sound. Great afro deep house. I love my African percussion and chants. This is very close to Rampa's 'Bimma' that came out on Innervisions and really shows the diversity of 7Wallace. 

7) Idris Elba – Spectacle (All Gone Pete Tong Edit) (7Wallace)

Again, this shows the sound of Idris. Not bad when you can call on Pete Tong to do the re-edit! 

8) Norman Cook & Idris Elba – The Road Less Travelled (7Wallace)

This is Fatboy Slim going back to his older rolling breaks sound. Nice tune to chill and listen to. Idris is opening up his vocal chords here showing more strings to his artistic bow. 

9) Idris Elba – Make It Bump (7Wallace)

One of 7Wallace's biggest releases and you can see why. A big dirty aggressive bassline with some chunky snares and beats. 

10) Natalie Wood X N:Fostell – Circles (7Wallace)

Natalie’s voice kills it. She can sing and Mr. Fostell is going on to great things. 

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