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Playlist: Manic Focus' 8 Favorite Chicago Musicians

With LWKY, The Cool Kids and GoodSex, there is a bit of everything here.
Manic Focus Riviera Theater 2018

Manic Focus Riviera Theater

Though his sound has more of a Colorado electro-funk feel, Manic Focus still puts on for his city. Real name, John “JmaC” McCarten, the Chicago-based musicians blends electronic sounds with soul, funk and blues. Having just played a hometown show at the Riviera Theater, we figured it would be good to catch up with Manic Focus to find out what his favorite Chicago artists are. There is a hint at a special collaboration as well with one of these acts.

In addition to the eight artists, Manic Focus has also unveiled a recap for the show that has a teaser of the Liquid Stranger remix of "Putting All of My People On" that will be found on his Minds Rising remix LP. Peep that now.

1. Carlile

My friend Emily Nichols, aka Carlile, is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter. We've collaborated on several tunes together. Her stage presence and performance is phenomenal and sonically evocative. Her voice is truly next level and her lyrical skills are truly inspiring.

Current Favorite Tune: Twisted Love

2. ProbCause

An incredibly talented MC and visual artist, Colin Grimm aka ProbCause is a force to be reckoned with. His super fresh and smooth delivery of rhymes is one of the best in hip-hop. His upbeat, positive attitude is highly contagious and his style is truly original and unmatched.

Current Favorite Tune: Crumble (Produced by Cobrayama)


Combining electronic music with blues, funk, and soul undertones, LWKY is a very dope trio of musicians pushing dance music in exciting new directions. They're composition and sound design packs a punch and their live performance is really groovy and fun.

Current Favorite Tune: Flux

4. The Cool Kids

These are two iconic Chicago hip-hop artists that I’ve always had the utmost respect for. Their originality and ability to fuse new-era and old-school hip-hop elements is inspiring. You might see something from us on the horizon.

Current Favorite Tune: Break Your Legs feat. Travis Barker & HXLT

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5. Corey Dennison Band

I love experiencing blues music at Kingston Mines, and the Corey Dennison Band is one of my favorite bands to see there. Corey is a beast on vocals and guitar, and the band has a vibe that is unmatched. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to check out amazing blues music.

Current Favorite Tune: Getcha' Pull!

6. Stratus

One of my first producer homies in Chicago was Stratus, and he's truly a phenomenal talent when it comes to sound design and synthesis. He's produced some of the hardest hitting bangers ever and his sets are energized and raging. His most recent tune "Said Boom" is friggen ridiculous.

Current Favorite Tune: Said Boom

7. Porn and Chicken

I've been homies with the PNC crew for a while and they always know how to throw and awesome party that welcomes all. They helped me when I was first starting in Chicago and have supported me throughout in my DJ endeavors. They've introduced me to a wide variety of dance music and they throw down some of the dopest sets ever.

Current Favorite Tune: Send Off

8. GoodSex

Relatively new to the Chicago producer scene, GoodSex has a really unique and funky DJ and production style that ignites a party. The style seamless blends a little bit of every genre. I'm excited to hear more productions from him in the future.

Current Favorite Tune: Lana Del Rey - Black Beauty (GoodSex Remix)

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