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Premiere: Bronze Whale Are As Smooth As Ever On Chill 'Patterns'

"Patterns" will be released tomorrow, April 20.
Bronze Whale

Bronze Whale

Aaron Jaques and Benny Alley, better known as the Austin-based production duo Bronze Whale have been at it for seven years now. With several EPs and projects under their belts, the duo continues to progress with new and better sounds. They will release a smooth, chill new single tomorrow titled “Patterns” and we have the premiere for you today.

“Patterns” features soft vocals and warm, bubbling synths over easy-going and sashaying percussion.

“After ‘Warm,’ a clear idea was put into motion about a musical direction we conceptualized which we want to fully explore and this made 'Patterns' flow out really easily. ‘Patterns’ represents the cycles we go through in relationships,” the duo explains to Magnetic. “The push and pull. We wanted the music to represent how delicate and emotional these feelings are."

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There is a lot of music being released tomorrow, but it doesn’t seem like much of it will fit the theme (cough 420 cough). This is something you can put on, just float away and get lost in your feels up in a cloud of smoke. 

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