18-year old DJ and producer, Callie Reiff, started bubbling up over a year ago with some unofficial remixes and releases on Fools Gold. Now she is ready to release some new music again with a fresh, smooth and dark remix of TRACE’s single “Blood & Bones.”

The original is hazy and focuses on TRACE’s vocal, which plays into Reiff’s strengths. She works with that, adding some extra drums, fluttering synths and a swaying distorted use of the vocal in the drop. She plays with the best parts of the original and then gives it a bit more energy and power.

“I had a lot of fun working on this remix for TRACE! The original gave me room to add some melodic sounds as well as experiment with different drum patterns to keep the energy going," Reiff says to Magnetic. "As I've been working on new original music, this remix is the first release in a while. When working on it, I wanted the remix to feel like a jam session and something you just want to dance to.”

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Going to Callie Reiff was an obvious choice for TRACE and we are glad she did it.

“My ultimate goal for a remix of "Blood and Bones" was to find someone who could take this track and it’s intimacy and ground it a bit, roughen the edges and give it a different shade of dark. When Callie originally reached out, I obviously wanted us to make some magic," TRACE says to Magnetic. "We chatted about our influences and there was an instant trust. When the idea for a remix came into play for ‘Blood and Bones,’ it immediately went to Callie. In the process, she went to work with her magic and I absolutely feel like it displays a closeness you often lose in remixes. And it’s really fun.”

The remix will be officially released tomorrow, April 27. Until then, stream it below. 

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